How Icehouse medicals benefited by using GOFRUGAL’s Pharmacy POS software

Mr. Haja Mohideen started his medical shop 21 years back. It is one of the oldest pharmacies in Triplicane.  Nearly for 14 years he ran his business without any pharmacy pos software. He manually managed his business operations.

But what brought a change in his mindset? The competition he had with other Pharma retailers?

Not exactly, it had two reasons behind it. One, he had challenges in maintaining stock, expiry item and schedule H drugs.  Second one was customers mindset got changed and he had no option than adapting to it. Even his regular customers stopped visiting his shop. When he enquired about this, he was amazed to know from his customers that they expect better customer experience and prefer going to a shop where there is no queue and quick billing. That struck his mind hard

He decided to provide better customer experience in his shop. But is it possible without automating his business? He had an answer to this question, it was a big NO

He started searching  for softwares to automate his business. He evaluated some of them and was not satisfied with any of it, as all were DOS based software. He wanted an advanced software that gives value for money and makes his day to day job easier. His quest for a reliable pharmacy pos software came to an end when his close friend referred him to  GOFRUGAL

He wanted to assess the pharmacy software. After seeing the demo,the quality of the software persuaded him to purchase it with no second thought. Easy handling gave him the comfort to purchase the software instantly

” Though I had 2 decades of experience in pharmacy retailing, GOFRUGAL was the first software I ever implemented in my shop. I am very happy that I made the right decision. I have a good bonding with GOFRUGAL. Second day we started live billing and even 4 employees learnt it with ease and comfort. Able to identify short expiry items well before and that helps us reduce stock by nearly 25 % “. The warming message that pops up automatically while billing NDPS and schedule H drug helps me and my employees  avoid any manual error. 10 times faster billing than manual billing and ease to use helped us function effectively during the peak hours of the day ” says satisfied Mr. Haja Mohideen

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