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Remote support initiative / appreciation by Jerin super market

Later 2006 we setup 24×7 response center with 2 persons and started to serve remotely by phone, and online support tools. Now we have 30
executives in 24×7 response center Most of our customers are having a broadband connection to get their issues resolved in short time

Today I received a call from Jerin supermarket – Mogappair east. After
calling 24×7 response center he called me immediately. According to our Assure process, we respond within 24hours for support by a visit to our customers doesn’t have an internet connection. But Mr.Arun explained the severeness of the issue and expected to get the solution immediately as
they are at the peak time of their business month.

I assured Mr.Arun that we will send the person immediately, but by a visit, we have 12 support executives in Chennai, and we already scheduled for today support activities to them. They have to re-schedule their calls.  He understood our situation and immediately he purchased a data card to connect his system to us. I connected his system through Zoho meeting and resolved in less than 5 minutes. The customer was very much happy and told me that he is going to have this internet connection permanently.

Soon GoFrugal’s RayMedi Assure – Support team will be delivering 100% support and maintenance activities remotely

Thanks Mr.Arun for the cooperation to providing a remote connection to serve him faster, cheaper and better