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Experience the Multichannel Transformation to Your Future Retail Store

Delivering the point of sale software in the cloud means you don’t need to deploy it onto local hardware, so you can access it through a standard web browser. Now-a-days adopting billing and business management solutions is on the upswing among retailers. No more manual work and its time to adopt for a smart solution.


GoFrugal has already established its brand with RayMedi an on-premise windows
application which is featured rich. Now we have Reinvented the Retail
with latest technology which overcomes all the challenges faced by a
We provide many retail features with our web based application, but most importantly we provide you the competitive edge to take your micro to midsized retail business to the next level. For all your needs, the one solution will be TruePOS. This
solution is a subscription based (SaaS) service which is specially meant for small store format retail chains and is free for retailers with less than 100 bills per month and there are several service packs available depending on the size and scale of the business.

TruePOS is intuitive, easy to use and robust. By robust, the system can tolerate some of the mistakes user can make and can warn them to prevent them. Solution is offered on rent, Customers can “pay as they use it. This reduces
the capital expense [capex] and translates into an operational expense [opex] which is a great advantage for a retailer. Along with this a qui8ck and faster implementation cycle. TruePOS is a web based solution, it allows you to access your retail store’s business information via multiple channels like laptops, netbooks, PDA’s
touchscreen kiosks, etc.,

Offline Mode

In general all the web based applications works online but TruePOS works both online and in offline mode. This means that there is no downtime and retailers can continue with their business and generate invoices even when the Internet connectivity gets disabled.

Decision Making

Taking right decisions at right time is very important thing for retailers. Access to real-time data helps retailers make correct business decisions.


TruePOS transforms the way Retailers do their business by automating many of the process that are done manually today. The solution provides small retailers with a significant time and cost-savings whilst increasing
the efficiency of their business operations.

TruePOS enables you to integrate and view the operations at your single and multiple stores at the click of a few buttons. Along with this you can view the interconnected operations of the different and manage them form a central location.

  • Nothing to install. As the software runs in a web browser and on our servers on the Internet
  • No backups required. We look after backing up all your data
  • Accessible from anywhere. Retailers can access their data from Anywhere and Anytime
  • Continuous upgrades for life.