Are you spending hours in manual ordering? Here is GOFRUGAL’s POS solution for auto reordering

Retro retailers were less explored and so the customers. Retailers handled things manually and even customers did not mind waiting or spending much time in queue. This traditional way of handling things continued for a long time

Retro cash register

Retro cash register

When technology came to place, people started getting things easily. They are able to get anything they want from anywhere and anytime. As technology has brought more and more convenience in day-to-day life, peoples’ mindset has changed now-a-days. They do not want to spend much time in getting served by the retailers. But, the retailers found hard to cope with the expectations of the customers.

Less queue, quick service time, good shopping experience and quality product were the major things that piled up in customers mind. Accordingly, retailers thought of automating their business and simplifying the process.

Since then we GOFRUGAL focused lot on providing a software that makes the retailers’ job easier. We raised the bar in the mind of retailers in line with their customers by providing retail point of sale software which they can handle things easily, effectively and build a better customer relationship

We were amazed to know from surveys that retailers spend nearly 2 to 3 hours in manual ordering. Consequently, a retailer looses nearly 5 days of sales every month. Due to this, the revenue and reputation of the business are affected.

Manual stock checking

Manual stock checking

To overcome this, GOFRUGAL came forth with an exclusive feature called ‘Reordering‘ that helps retailers save time hugely,order as per needs and focus more on sales.

The major advantage of our auto reordering is that it is very easy to use and helps retailers to order based on different metrics just by a single click.

  • Based on sales (Today, last 2 days, this day last month, customer date)
  • Based on purchase (Last month, last year, customer date)
  • Order quantity from sales order
  • Based on fixed minimum and maximum quantity levels
  • Order for last N days sales

and still lot more metrics available in reordering features that helps retailers save 2 to 3 hours in each order.

Spend your precious time on sales than in administrative work. Try our advanced reordering feature to enjoy real benefits and get valuable outcomes from the time you spent so far just on manual ordering. click here for Free Trial