Delivery of satisfaction to retailers – The GOFRUGAL way

India is a land of retailers. Over 10 million retailers are catering to the needs of over a billion consumers. As technology adoption in retail space is picking up the pace in recent years, more and more traditional and emerging retailers are looking for automating their retail business.As technology adoption is picking up the pace, proportionately retail landscape is changing very fast. Some of the changes in retail landscape.

Retailer Satisfaction

But the real challenge for Indian retailers, especially traditional brick and mortar retailers is, how to adopt themselves with technology? Some of the questions that make retailers worry are:

  • I am not tech savvy, how could I learn & use a software ?
  • I cannot spend much time on learning a software as I have to concentrate on business
  • Do I get assured support in case of issues with software?

As a technology provider in Retail space, one has to provide assurance in delivery of product and confidence in making retailers use the retail point of sale software for business growth.

Why GOFRUGAL’s product delivery is unique?

  • Facilitates learning of software under the guidance of certified consultants
  • Enables Retailers to demand the quality of service with coupon system
  • Enables retailers to escalate to Relationship manager in case, not satisfied with learning
  • Additional learning will be facilitated based on interest & needs of Retailers

GOFRUGAL, as a technology provider, commits to simplifying the business processes for retailers by automating  various functions such as Purchase, Inventory, Sales,Accounting and customer relations. And what makes GOFRUGAL stands out from the competition is, providing ASSURANCE of satisfaction to retail in using software, thus instilling confidence to do business.

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