Why is AADI Month Special ?

This AADI festival is celebrated for the birth of the Tamil month of AADI. It is believed that the Sun God, changes the direction of his chariot from north to south. Scientifically, The tilt of Earth’s axis pave way to climatic changes which favours agriculture.

Since rain showers are high this month, the rivers will be filled with water. People, especially from the farming families, worship on the banks of the rivers or water present in any form, in wells, sacred tanks in temples and pray for continuous supply of water and a good harvest.

aadi harvest

The Tamil month is generally considered as an inauspicious month for starting new ventures, marriages, changing homes etc. and is meant for spiritual contemplation. So people had minimal requirements and the shopping would be dull. This non-festivity led to consumers hardly visiting a garment or jewellery shops. To pick up sales during this time, store owners started announcing offers and this had now come to stay.

To attract more customers during this dull shopping period, Retailers started giving offers, which is very hard to resist for even an occasional buyer. Fast moving and pricey goods are offered at unimaginable rates that in turn attracts everyone.

aadi month offers

Textile merchants use this opportunity to clear aged stock with lesser margin and try to generate as much as cash possible. The generated cash is reinvested for purchasing latest stock and new industry arrivals that in turn forms a big asset for their DIWALI sales.


Retailers spend more on marketing AADI sales through SMS, Email, Gift Cards etc. and latest automated software solutions allow them to give multiple offers, discounts etc, at the same time, manage their margins effectively.

aadi offers sms

With family heads having little time to spend with their own children, spending a leisurely time for shopping is what makes this a festival ! Most consumers do not even have the time or thought to bargain for getting appliances, textiles or any other goods because of the perception that these goods are already on OFFER PRICES.

aadi shopping crowd

Call it the Weekend Getaway or utilizing the opportunity, an outing to the busy markets during this month is surely a not-to-be-missed shopping event. While the current generation feel that the prices are invariably increased and then a huge discount is offered, THE AADI SALE still remains the biggest shopping festival for everyone in South India.