Top features to look for in a QSR POS system

Everyone has the desire to buy their dream car. While some people prefer the picturesque design of an SUV, others prefer the spacy sedan. However, the choice of the car depends primarily upon the features the car possesses. The best features enhance the performance of the car. Similarly, having a suite full of features on your Quick Service Restaurant POS will boost the efficiency of your restaurant and increase business growth. Here are the top QSR POS features that you must know:

Kitchen Display System

The Kitchen display system is like a speedometer in the quick service restaurant and is one of the top QSR POS features. As the order is taken from the billing counter, it will be intimated to the kitchen immediately. Nowadays, many people prefer a digital speedometer rather than an analogue meter because it quickly reflects the output. In the same way, providing fast service to customers is QSR’s primary objective. If you run to the kitchen every time after placing an order from the billing counter, you will make the quick service restaurant into a goods train.

In contrast, if you use a printer, it is another headache. You should always check the ink and paper levels. Occasionally, the ink will smudge on the printed bill. If you want to avoid these errors and obstacles in your QSR, a well-designed kitchen display system is essential. The Kitchen Display System (KDS) is a digital screen that replaces paper tickets and printers in the kitchen. As a result of these systems, orders placed from the POS system are routed to the correct kitchen stations. The right kitchen display system provides better communication in the kitchen, reduces human error, and helps keep track of the cooking time for each dish.

Customer Display system
Along with a kitchen display system, a customer display system is also considered a vital feature for a QSR business. Since many QSR businesses operate on a self-service basis, users should be aware of the status of their orders or else it will lead to confusion among other customers. An effective customer display system improves communication with customers, minimises human error and helps to keep track of orders more accurately.

Online Order Integrations

Nowadays, multimedia systems are not only about entertainment. They contribute to the utility as well. Hence, they have become a must-have feature in cars. A smart multimedia system integrates features like navigation, calls, text messages, and music in a single unit. As a result, the driver can drive the vehicle without distraction.

Similarly, QSR POS software is not just for managing restaurant operations and billing. It also integrates multiple food aggregators into one POS system, so that restaurateurs can efficiently manage multiple online orders. In this post-pandemic world, online orders via aggregators have become the primary source of revenue for most quick-service restaurants. Within a minute, you would receive twenty orders from food aggregators. So you can’t switch tabs every time. This will cause unnecessary delays in processing the order. To curb this, you must have an online order integration feature that can integrate multiple food aggregators into one solution. Along with managing online orders, the feature must also facilitate the creation of custom menus, addition or removal of items in real-time, and setting up the prices.

Inventory Management

The central locking system acts as a convenience feature as it helps you to lock/unlock your car without having to stretch out for each door. Similarly, in a QSR POS system, inventory management will facilitate tracking inventory and managing waste without any hassle.

In a quick-service restaurant, food and beverages are sold continuously. Be it ingredients or ready-to-eat items, if you run out of anything, it can cause customer dissatisfaction and loss of reputation. Also, getting real-time updates about stock availability is not possible through manual monitoring. So you need an Inventory management feature that will track the ingredients, waste and orders.

Aside from tracking inventory and monitoring waste, inventory management for QSR businesses must include recipe management and combo mapping.

Recipe Management

You would have succeeded with a secret recipe in your primary location, but failed in other locations due to inconsistency of taste. This occurs due to improper training and incorrect usage of ingredients. To curb these problems, you just need a smart recipe management system that helps to manage the recipe of every dish that is made in the restaurant along with the right quantities and pricing, thereby helping to arrive at the ideal quality of the dishes at the right food costing.

Combo mapping

You can make data-driven decisions on best-selling combos which helps you forecast your outcomes even before planning for any reward. Let’s say that your business has a lower revenue on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The combo mapping feature helps you strategize your plan for improving the revenue. The data highlights that college-going students are comparatively lesser when compared to other days. With these insights, you can release coupons and discounts to boost revenues.

Theft management

As technology develops, theft also increases simultaneously; the fraudsters find loopholes to breach your assets. To overcome this, the car manufacturer has come up with a smart anti-theft solution. In the same way, the latest QSR pos should contain a smart theft management solution that has to prevent threats, intimate unusual activities and protect from breaches.

Lightning speed billing

The billing system is similar to that of a car’s cruise control. The smarter you use it, the faster you reach your goal. The core of any quick-service restaurant is to provide customers with speedy and high-quality service. To keep up with the pace and run the business smoothly, lightning-fast billing is required. A robust and easy-to-use POS system facilitates the billing process by removing the need for lengthy lines at the counter.

Apart from lightning-speed billing, you must-have features like offline billing and multi-payment modes.

The offline billing is a must-have feature in the QSR running at malls and crowded areas. Because you can’t guarantee that you can get the internet 24/7. Whenever there is no internet availability you can use the offline billing feature to avoid inconvenience.

Multi payment modes

The advancement of technology has made it possible for consumers to pay for food in a far more convenient way than ever before. By offering traditional and emerging payment options for your customers, you can capture more sales and stay ahead of the retail competition.

Customer relationship management

A CRM system is like the steering wheel of a QSR business. It can lead you to success when handled appropriately, making it one of the most important QSR POS features.  CRM is a win-win strategy when it comes to business. It is not just about solving their problems and challenges, but also about rewarding them with freebies, coupons, and discounts so that they can return in the future. Furthermore, with QSR POS, you can track customer feedback in real-time and learn more about what your customers think about your restaurant.

Ease of scalability

A QSR owner with multiple outlets often worries about how to keep the central kitchen operations as smooth as possible. Every interruption in the functioning of the central kitchen directly impacts the brand as a whole, as all aspects of the brand are directly influenced by the kitchen. The Quick Service restaurant POS should be able to provide you with features like managing your recipes and calculating stock requirements across multiple outlets without any manual intervention. The improvement of your central kitchen is directly related to your ability to make better sales at your various outlets.  

Now, you have the list of the most important QSR POS features that you need to consider while thinking of growing your business. Evaluating your options based on the checklist provided above can help you identify the best car for your journey towards success.

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