‘Try before you Buy’ – Always


Consumer buying behavior is changing and shoppers are coming of age. It is seen with their demand to ‘touch, feel and experience’ any product before they buy

Evidently retailers are investing hugely in delivering the pre-sales experience to their prospects and customers. The demand from shoppers is such overwhelming that even some e-tailers are pulling up their socks and going an extra mile to enable their customers to ‘try before they buy’  and deliver the in-store experience at customers’ door steps


Try before you buy

We would like to reciprocate the favor to our beloved retailers, well we have already begun

The above was achieved by enabling and providing retailers with the right ecosystem to experience all of our products and services before making the purchase

Everyone of the above can be signed-up for free (for 30 days*), tried, tested, evaluated and experienced. The faith on the credibility and robustness of our products is proven here

We have gone a step further. Retailers can now also evaluate even our services during the 30 day free-trial period, they include –

  • GoFrugal’s support – Responses to doubts and clarifications by experienced Business analysts, vertical specialists and Field staff

24×7 customer support

The above is a testimonial to the fact (with no periods) that GoFrugal provides retailers with world class products

It is not something that is propagandized by our own PR’s, but by our customers, prospects, and all who have experienced and fallen in love with our products and services

Providing retailers with a very truthful purchase experience has been the motivation for us to burn the candle at both ends and deliver the above

It provides an opportunity for retailers to clearly measure the quality of the product and service and take rational and informed decision to invest in a very sensitive and important component/complement to the business. It is highly critical that you choose the right POS since it impacts the business health

Successful retailers demand to experience their retail point of sale system before they purchase, we urge you to demand now. Try now