Why GOFRUGAL’s New Restaurant Touch POS is an Essential For Your Food ​Business?

Restaurant Touch POSAll along, in the food industry, observing what happens in your restaurant during the peak business hours has been a prolonging headache to any restaurateur. Many a time this goes unattended even if it gets noticed… While you are reading this, I can sense your thoughts going back to the rush hours in your restaurant. What I can tell you is, “Our solution can resolve your unattended pain”

With the new improved Restaurant POS Software enjoy the comfort of knowing

  • The available tables
  • The occupied ones
  • Total summary for table on the floor
  • Total summary for the waiters on the go

What you get out of these features is just unimaginable. This includes the details about the total number of KOT, total amount due for bill, total billed amount with respect to table and with respect to stewards. What more do you need when you have all the real time data on your finger tip !

Let us hear from Ramprakash S, Project Manager, GOFRUGAL Technologies what this new update is capable of, “Well! Touch POS usage in restaurants is trending now. This made us come up with an Intelligence update that can render all the on-demand data that any restaurateur would need to know during the peak hour. We are calling in our customers to try their hands on with our improvised touch and come back with feedback. Assuring you the best of our products”

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