Turning "Challenges" of Restaurant Management into "Opportunities" with GOFRUGAL Software Solutions

Managing a Restaurant and Bar is no doubt fun and creative. But, at the same time it is adventurous. It is adventurous because the  restaurateur  can be assured that he will never be bored when managing such business as he will be constantly faced with new challenges every other day. But some of these challenges when overlooked can cause  jeopardy even to the extent of closing down the business.Firstly, one must have the passion for delivering excellent services to customers. Secondly, one will need to have Effective Systems in place to help him run the business smoothly.  A study conducted in Bar attached Restaurants show that the sale of Beer has gone up by 9% because the restaurants are very well managed. So, the sales at the bar is directly related to the sales at the Restaurant. For this, GOFRUGAL Restaurant billing software comes handy and  can make the jobs of restaurateurs much easier by eliminating all the bottlenecks.

The Major challenges that a restaurateur faces can be as follows:

1. Inability to maximize the kitchen utilization and productivity.

2. Difficulty in managing inventory levels in an effective manner.

3. Managing pricing for different order types like Dine In, Take Away, Delivery and Drive-In.

4. Multi-Recipe Management with predefined standard costs   and inability to analyze the variance compared to the actuals.

Throw these challenges to the back seat

With GOFRUGAL Restaurant and Bar chain software the  restaurateur  can put all these challenges to the back seat and carry out the business with minimal tension and worries. With less of tension, he has time to come out with innovative ways by which he can bring more success to the business and take it to glorious heights.

This is how GOFRUGAL helps the restaurateur  in turning these challenges into  opportunities there by paving way to grab the  fruit of success.

1. The kitchen productivity could be overcome fully with the help of the Kitchen Order Taking (KOT) feature that is available with software. GOFRUGAL  has gone even a step ahead in introducing the Android Mobile Application
for the KOT where in a single order can be split and routed to multiple kitchens. Apart from this we also have an intuitive menu navigation, table-wise guest selection and customer preferences with modifiers / topping items. All these features enable the cycle of Farm to Fork to go on in a faster and at the same time in an efficient manner.

2. The inventory levels could be managed with ease and efficiency through the Re-order feature where in you can clearly define the minimum and maximum levels of stock for each item along with their lead lag in terms of minimum and maximum days for replenishment. This could be mapped for every item and every supplier.

3.  Pricing can be done based on the order type like Dine In, Take Away, Delivery and Drive-In. So utmost accuracy prevails in order capturing, delivery and billing. All the additional charges that are applicable for takeout and delivery orders like parcel, delivery charges can also be set.

4. The variance compared to the standard costs predefined could be seen with the help of various Food Cost Reports. These reports can give a very clear visibility in terms of Actual vs Standard consumption, food costing based on recipe formula and over all consumption done. This can clearly suggest the areas of improvement to the  restaurateur .

All these challenges which could turn out to be show stoppers can be eliminated totally through unique features that GOFRUGAL Solutions offer.

Being branded number one restaurant in the world is actually very humbling – Heston Bluementhal