Can expiry notification help you get 60 to 70% money back to your Pharma business?

Some items move fast and some do not. Keeping track of expiry notification manually is a huge task and tedious. Especially in fields like pharmacy industry it is very difficult. When GOFRUGAL did a survey on this, we were amazed to know retailers loose 50 to 70 % of their purchase money just on non moving stocks and expired items

The main root cause for this is, retailers are not notified by the software and when they do its too late to get the reimbursement amount from suppliers. So how to get rid of this? Is there possibly a way to save money on stocks that has no value?

Benefits Of Expiry Notification

Expiry Notification Benefits

Yes it is possible. GOFRUGAL came forth with short expiry notification alert feature, that is simple to use and help retailers to get their money back to a greater extent and prevent expiry to zero. Notifying items that is going to expire in next 3 months, 6 months and so on, help retailers to know their expiry items well before and aid them to get 60 to 70% money back from supplier and almost reduce 20 to 30% stocks in inventory that’s futile

Need assurance?

Talk to Mr.Haja Mohideen owner of Icehouse medicals
Short expiry notification by GOFRUGAL POS Software, helped me get 70% money back“.

Talk to Mr.Ramanathan owner of New Kavitha medicals
Non moving alert helped me reduce stock by 20%

Identifying a expiry stock well before 3 months gets you higher return of 60 to 70% money back from supplier, than a stock identified a week back. Now it is in your hand to save your valuable money with GOFRUGAL’s software that is designed specially for retailers who are aspired to grow. Be one and start acting, we are here to help you out. Experience the benefits of Pharmacy POS Solution  that is created just for you Request a callback.