Customer Loyalty Promotion Management Software

Manage your Promotions and Loyalty programs from central location

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Having active promotions and customer loyalty programs are inevitable for the success of retail chains. Our chain solutions support wide variety of promotional offers which can be administrated and controlled from HO.

Key Features

  • Supports the concept of promotion family and actual promotion or scheme definition. The promotion family helps define rules of a promotion and actual promotion definition helps identify the actual product(s) on which the promotion is applied.
  • Comprehensive promotion management to suit the needs of retailers.
  • Generate sales, cost and margin reports on promotions, promotion family reports, etc.
  • Extend and Customize the promotions module as per the needs of your business. This feature gives unparalleled advantage to you to always stay ahead of the competition.
  • Facilitates recording of customer data at the POS & process loyalty program at the HO. There are tools available to merge customers across stores at the time of adding existing customer as part of loyalty program.
  • Automatic consolidation of all purchases by a customer in all stores and through all channels such as online, telephone order, walk-in, etc.
  • Generate reports for managing coupon, credit card & other payments due from third parties.