Billing software for simplified and error free billing

Empower the freedom to bill from any of your device to provide superfast checkouts that delight your customers and give them a reason to visit your store more often.

Billing software for Building your business


Makes you to no longer rely on one employee to manage billing operations in the ever-changing world

Faster checkout

Increases your sales with the quick and efficient checkout by multiple payment types and QR code-based item loading

Cuts down expenses

Reduces your expenses spent on personnel to manage tasks manually and cuts down cost and time invested in the reconciliation of data

Reconciles automatically

Increases productivity by tracking and recording each employee's billing summary with their user login

Top 5 reasons to choose Gofrugal billing software

Simple, hassle-free billing interface that requires minimal staff and zero training time

Provides enhanced security for your business data with intelligent security controls

Enhances the checkout experience with least investment and maintenance

Renders you with the freedom to use the billing software anywhere from any of your devices (mobile, desktop, tablet or browser) even without internet

Gives you accurate data as the entire calculation from MRP, selling price, tax, multi-currency, offers and discounts are automated

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"We faced huge challenges in running a retail outlet with manual billing. After extensive research, we experienced Gofrugal, which made billing simple, user-friendly, and speedy and allowed us to grow our business everyday."

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Wondering what retail billing software will contribute to the business?

89% of consumers have moved to a competitor following a poor customer experience with a brand they prefer to go regularly

Data driven from techjury

Businesses serving faster checkouts using billing software to their customers increased their revenue 1.4x faster than manual billing

Data driven from techjury

2X Faster billing with easier payment options for super fast checkouts with Gofrugal's GoBill mobile billing application

Based on research done by Gofrugal on GoBill

Key features of POS billing software that helps in building your business

  • Session Management

  • Loyalty and Offer Management

  • Billing Management

  • Delivery Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Accounts Management

  • Security Management

  • Intelligent Reports

  • Session Management

  • Loyalty & Offer Management

  • Billing Management

  • Delivery Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Accounts Management

  • Security Management

  • Intelligent Reports

Virtual manager for your billing counters

Gofrugal's session manager lets you track the summary of each counter and employee with the detailed cash flow, shift start and end time information

Starts and ends the session with denomination-based opening cash in hand and closing cash balance entry

Tracks cash in, cash-out transactions and will never miss a penny of your money

Enables you to track the live session in Till watch and sessions of all the counters

Customized promotions for repeating footfalls

Gofrugal's loyalty and offer management helps you retain your customers by providing them with much more benefits than your competitors

Be your customer's favourite store by crediting the loyalty points for every purchase and converting them to gifts, goodies, or credits to purchase anything from the store for that value

Apply bill discount and item wise discount in % or on the amount based on the need during the billing

Single place to manage your complete sales cycle

Gofrugal's sales management renders you to manage sale order, sale return, transactions payments and ensure complete sales cycle is tracked

Manage complete billing from cash bill to delivery bill and all billing feature in a single screen with the detailed information of items, and their stock availability for faster billing

Give freedom to customers by collecting payments in multiple modes for the same bill using split tender. Also, collect payment from customers by any of the tender methods: cash, debit/credit card, wallets (PayTM, PhonePe), UPI payment, loyalty card, discount coupon, and prepaid cards

Integrated delivery management in billing software

Gofrugal's delivery management reduces manual work of assigning and tracking the delivery orders within the billing software

Speed up the delivery process by marking the home delivery bills to delivery boys right from the billing screen. To streamline your delivery operations with 100% automation, experience GoDeliver - a home delivery management app

Track delivery bill till it's delivery by assigning to the delivery boy and updating status with the crystal information of who is the delivery person, when he started, estimated time of delivery, even manage delivery charges in the delivery management for accurate profit calculations

Virtual inventory for your physical stocks

Gofrugal's inventory management provides you an added advantage of maintaining your stocks in the billing software and ensures nothing leaves your store without billing

Manage stocks of each item to reduce pilferage and missing of items in-store as nothing moves out without tracking

Customize prices depending on your customer bucket with price level and manage seasonal and stock clearance sales with date-based pricing

Create interesting comb packages with Kit/Assembly to liquidate your slow-moving stocks and boost your sales

Personal accountant for every transaction that happen

Gofrugal's AccountsEasy is an integrated financial accounting software that bundles with billing software to manage your business accounts at no additional cost

360 Degree management of your business transactions from purchase, sales, rents, salaries, expenses, and even your bank balances and reconciles everything to get a detailed report anytime

Automatically calculates the GST/VAT tax split up for the bill and prints in the physical invoice within the billing software

Safeguards your business assets

Gofrugal's security management protects your POS from any external harm and internal threats with its up to date security tools and features

Hierarchical user privilege management by configuring role-wise and user-wise access control. Protects each menu, screen, and operation with a password

Biometric-based access and approvals for important and higher value transactions to safeguard your margin

Backing up of database by encrypting in local and uploading it in the cloud to prevent the data from insider threats or damages, cyberattacks, ransom wares, and all other virus attacks

Clear data reports to drive your business smooth

Gofrugal's reports provide you with the data that helps you to take your business to the next step

Create and view reports in your desired aspect with various filters as per your business requirement

150+ POS business intelligence reports to make smarter decisions and 50+ reports on billing management to track business performance with online reporting tool - SmartReports

Keeps your business up-to-date with technology

Gofrugal's mobility solutions is an added advantage for all business owners as they can manage their complete business within their handy mobile

Freedom to choose desktop-based invoice billing software(on-premises) and online billing software(on-cloud) based on your business needs

No worries on network issues, offline billing support with the capability to auto-sync data with the server

Reduce costs on paper invoices by directly sending the invoice through SMS/Email

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Business boosters to help you grow your business

Get actionable business insights and store information anytime from anywhere with real time notifications of store happenings.

Transform your business into an omni-channel store and serve your customers better with a customized online store app in Android/IOS.

Let your customers make informed decisions independently and boost your customer footfall with a personalized shopping experience.

Deliver your customers quicker, smoother and keep your customers informed about the delivery with the delivery management app.

Bill anywhere with mobile even in offline and provide superior and personalized shopping experience with super-fast checkouts.

Your favourite billing software integrates with what you want!

You cannot run a successful retail business with paper, pen, and memory

Try Retail billing software

Overview of billing software

What is Retail billing software?

Retail billing software is a virtual assistant for all retail business owners to run their business in an organised manner and overcome their challenges faced with pen and paper. Also, billing software for retail shops does more than billing and manages Purchase, inventory, sales, and even accounting.

Why do retail shops need billing software?

Being in trend is what makes the business owners stay in the market. Using a traditional method of billing is outdated and doesn't serve the retailers in taking their business to the next step. With POS billing software, retailers enjoy the cushion of running their business efficiently and in a digital manner. Also billing software POS helps retailer business owners in taking the business to the next step.

Benefits of POS billing software

POS billing software for retail shops renders the following benefits,

  • Blazing speed billing with the help of quick search of items with the item name, brand name, Item code and add new customers quickly
  • Saves customer details and their previous transactions for faster checkouts and product suggestions based on previous purchases
  • Connects easily with all types of peripherals like barcode scanner, receipt printer, weighing scale, and customer facing displays
  • Attract more customers with more discounts and offers with predefined offer templates
  • Increase customer footfall with personalized offers and loyalty programs and make them feel valued

Importance of billing software in the retail industry

Retail shop billing software helps business owners to streamline their business and expand their business by taking decisions based on the actionable insights from the POS billing software. Also, retail billing software reduces the use of papers and avoids confusion because of manual works by automating the operations right from purchase of item till its sale or delivery. Also, integrated accounting software helps in automating tax calculation for each transaction and eases GST filing and other tax filings.

Why is Gofrugal the best billing software for retail shops?

Gofrugal billing software for retail shops eases the billing experience and neglects challenges faced in the traditional and manual billing method. Also, Gofrugal billing software offers integrated barcode management software which helps in printing your own customized barcodes for your products and loading products easily which results in super fast checkouts. Apart from all these, Gofrugal integrators helps business owners to integrate their billing software with E-commerce portals and helps in maintaining both the online as well as store orders in the single platform and eases inventory management by maintaining single inventory for both the orders.

What is the cost of Gofrugal's retail shop billing software?

You can view the price of Gofrugal billing software along with the detailed feature information in the below link

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How to download free Retail POS billing software from Gofrugal?

You can download Gofrugal's free billing software for retail shop by clicking the link below

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