Point of sale (POS) system - Meaning

Point of Sale Software has come a long way now from a mere cash register to a business booster thanks to rapid innovation happening in business every day. A POS software is not just the digital version of a cash register, but a one-stop solution that addresses all the diverse business needs and helps to automate the process, simplify the operations, and service customers well. POS is an important component of ERP, which helps in streamlining the operations right from purchasing, inventory management, sales, customer management, and accounts by integrating with hardware devices like payment terminals, weighing scale, barcode scanner, and printer acting as a powerful tool to running a business successfully.

Why do businesses need POS software?

With modern POS system software, businesses can improve their flow, functionality, and flexibility without high skills and manpower. A POS will help you have complete control over your outlet, by automating the manual tasks thereby burying human blunders and allows you to track real-time business insights providing the best operational structure for increased revenue.

Who needs a POS system?

A POS system remains as the backbone of a business associated with innumerable benefits. It is important that one must consider the business type, needs, and scale of development in order to choose the right POS.

Retail POS Software

A retail POS is an essential tool in the Retail Management System, that helps to serve the customers better by providing a simplified and satisfactory shopping experience. Get instant notifications on non-moving and expiry items and take corrective action, reorder based on smart recommendations to optimize and avoid shortage of stocks, and always make sure that you never disappoint a customer. Have the visibility to real-time inventory, purchase, and sales, with an integrated mobile POS allowing the store to manage the sales with speedy checkouts and delight the customers.

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Restaurant POS Software

A restaurant POS is a part of the Restaurant Management System, that helps to simplify the transactions, bookkeeping, track reports, perform cost analysis, and eliminates the communication gaps between employees to deliver delight to the customers. It helps in tracking the real-time table availability, based on the occupancy in the restaurant. Having this you can provide the best guest experience by reducing the order turnaround time. A mobile restaurant POS system eases the operations such as order taking, and billing and helps the employees with the smooth flow of orders with a flexible and friendly touch screen UI.

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How does "POS System" help your business growth?

With the continuously growing trends and changing customer expectations, businesses need to be more customer-centric by providing the best shopping experience to be highly successful. POS helps you to reduce the serving time per transaction, with seamless and hassle-free checkouts which cannot be achieved in the traditional billing methods.

Least skills

Increased sales

Accelerate efficiency

Minimal staff

Get great and complete control

Maximize customer delight

Timely business decisions

Reduced manual work

Automated operations

Real-time visibility

Look out for these fantastic Five features for choosing the Right POS Software

You can boost your business with minimal staff, and least skills when you have an accurate and reliable solution in hand.

  • Best inventory management for uninterrupted business
  • Highly secure, digital, omni channel and cloud solutions for Retail and Restaurant
  • Integrated solution for accounting
  • Customer and employee management tools
  • Supply chain management to control multiple stores

Types of POS System

On-premise POS

An on-premise POS is the system that stores and processes the data in a local servers. In general a POS system consists of the software and hardware put together to run all the operations in a streamlined and effective manner. However, the on-premise POS can be accessed only within the store premises where the software is installed.

Cloud POS

A cloud POS is a web-based point of sale system that works on any device, that stores and processes all your data online. A cloud-based POS helps you manage all your business operations including sales, purchases, inventory, CRM, and accounting with 100% visibility across all your outlets, may be one or a dozen from anywhere any device.

Benefits of having a Cloud POS Software

Accessible from anywhere anytime and helps one take the right business decisions without any delay

Complete inventory control, with enhanced tracking to reduce theft and pilferage

Automated purchase operations, based on the need of the hour

Easy to integrate with solutions to improve your revenue potential

Centralized control system to manage multiple stores from a single point

Mobile POS

A mobile POS allows you to set up an express ordering and checkout counter at different locations in your store and helps you manage sales effectively with high-speed even during peak hours and festive seasons. It is possible to bill anywhere, and manage multiple locations easily with live stock management.

Benefits of having a Mobile POS

No big investment on hardware, and electricity when you can simply bill on the go using your mobile

You can double your walk-in customers by providing the best shopping experience without letting them wait long in the billing counters

Can connect to compact peripheral devices like barcode scanners/printers and set up a mobile billing counter with absolutely no space occupancy

Multi-currency and multiple tender support with one touch billing for superfast checkouts

Key features of a POS system

Fast billing

Inventory Management

Business intelligence

CRM and Loyalty

Multi store management

Integrated accounting

Security management

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