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Why a self support system is crucial.Did you know 72% of customers prefer self-service to resolve their issues.
With accurate, instant information, customers can benefit immediately 24x7.

7 reasons why a self-support system is efficient
  • Instant Response
  • No Phone Tag
  • Accurate Information
  • Instant Reachability
  • Zero Wait Time
  • Voice Tickets
  • Feedback Systems
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Most customers think that calling 24x7 is the only solution for the query to be resolved. I use the chat support which is much more efficient & beneficial. If I provide my details, my issue gets resolved

Post 91
- Chat, Pune
We are happy to inform that GST Roll out has been done at all our outlets (CK's Foods) & Eeshu's Sweets on 1st July. I would thank GoFrugal for providing excellent support during this transition.

Mr. K. Karthikeyan
- CK's Bakery
The product features are user-friendly. The support solves any issue within Assured time & the issue status is known from myGoFrugal app. Thanks to GoFrugal for wonderful services.

Mr. E. Gnanam
- Muthu Pharma
We get instant support whenever we get in touch with GoFrugal team via myGoFrugal app or Live Chat. The tickets can be tracked and the status is updated at every stage. Great Support.

Kingson super market
- Hosur
As a retailer, weekends have best business. We were unable to proceed billing due to an employee's mistake. I raised a myGoFrugal ticket & get resolved my issue in an hour.

Mr. Hari
- Tamanna Exports
We at Rathna Group of Concerns had a good changeover transitioning to GST thanks to the support team who were available to solve our queries. Continue the good work & lets grow together.

Rathnakumar Muthukaruppan
- Rathna Groups
  1. What is ALR?
    ALR stands for Annual License Renewal, 1year of software validity extension. When you subscribe for the GoFrugal's ALR plan, you are entitled to services such as Assure Care, which is a 24x7 support centre via myGoFrugal app & Chat, on usage queries and training issues and so on. You are also entitled to the regular & periodic maintenance updates released by GoFrugal. To know more about these plans, Please visit Support Entitlement.
  2. How to pay for ALR?
    You can pay for ALR through online payment, transfer fund through NEFT/IMPS, Paytm and Cheque deposit

    Online Payment:

      Please refer to this video ,it will be guiding you to make the ALR payment through GoFrugal Store. It is very simple and you can complete the process within a minute.

    Transfer funds through NEFT/IMPS:

    - Customer can transfer the ALR amount to our GoFrugal bank account and share the payment details in the link Payment Details

    GoFrugal Bank Details :

    Account Name - GoFrugal Technologies Pvt Ltd

    Account No - 01662320003136

    Bank Name - HDFC bank Ltd

    Bank Address No - 2, Mc Dowell House Lane,Parrys Corner,Chennai - 600 001

    NEFT/RTGS CODE - HDFC0000166

    Transfer funds through Paytm

    - Customer can also transfer the ALR amount to our GoFrugal bank account, by following the simple steps in the video

    - After transferring the amount to GoFrugal bank account, Click Here to share the payment details.

    Cheque Deposit

    - Customer can deposit the cheque(in favour of GoFrugal Technologies Pvt Ltd) in the nearest HDFC bank for ALR payment

    After depositing the cheque into GoFrugal bank account, Click Here to share the payment details

  3. How do I access GoFrugal Assure Care?

    You can reach Assure support by raising a support Ticket from myGoFrugal app, Chat with our Assure Care agents from myGoFrugal, directly from your GoFrugal product or from GoFrugal website directly.
    Live Chat

  4. How will I get a receipt for the payment I've done for your services?
    Once GoFrugal CRM system is updated with the payment history. GoFrugal HO will issue an automated receipt within 3 days of the payment realized. Please do not make cash payments and you can download the Invoice copy from myGoFrugal mobile app
  5. If issue persists even after contacting GoFrugal Assure Care, what should I do?
    You can escalate the ticket raised in myGoFrugal by you
  6. How do I learn more about GoFrugal's ALR policy?
    Please visit GoFrugal's Support ALR to learn more about the policies.
  7. When and where should I purchase ALR?
    While ALR can be purchased anytime, it is advisable to purchase / renew your ALR atleast 10-15 days before the expiry of your ALR period. Please note software will stop working if the ALR is not renewed on time.
  8. What are all the services covered by ALR?
    The services covered under ALR depends on the plan opted by you. Please visit Support Entitlement to know more about the service available under different ALR plans.
  9. What are the ALR plans available?
    Please refer to the ALR Plans for more details.
  10. How will I renew my ALR subscription?
    You can directly renew from GoFrugal store, refer to video
    In case, you have any queries or if you want to switch to a different ALR plan, contact GoFrugal via Chat & myGoFrugal app. Mode of payment: Online Payment through GoFrugal store(Debit/Credit Card, Net Banking, Wallets), NEFT/IMPS, Paytm, Cheque(in favour of GoFrugal Technologies Pvt Ltd)
  11. Is ALR mandatory to get Assure Care / support services?
    Yes, ALR is mandatory.
  12. Can I pay visit charges as and when I utilize GoFrugal's Assure Care services instead of subscribing for ALR?
    GoFrugal does not have a per-visit support and maintenance plan. Select any of  our ALR plans with respect to your support and maintenance needs.
  13. How many maximum and minimum visits possible for a valid ALR customer ?
    Please note that software doesn't require any preventive maintenance. Software requires break fix, maintenance updates, clarifications on doubts and usage issues. All these can be supported by customer themselves by following our self-help videos & guidelines or with remote support unless a direct onsite visit is required to resolve the issue.  GoFrugal support team will be not be providing such onsite visits.
  14. Why visits are not in ALR plan?
    GoFrugal support is taking responsibility to resolve all GoFrugal related issues. Customers need not to worry for the medium of solution given, It might be through the self-help videos, guidelines, remote connection or any other way
  15. Does ALR include solving issues related to computer hardware and IT infrastructure?
    No. ALR covers issues applicable to GoFrugal's software applications only.
  16. Have you included any special feature training as part of GoFrugal's ALR?
    Yes. It is available only in the GoFrugal's Premium support plan. You are entitled to 1 day onsite support service. During this visit, GoFrugal consultant will brief you on the new features of the product to let you know about the current trends, security features, etc..,
    Please visit Support Entitlement to know latest support plans of GoFrugal support
  17. How will I know when my ALR plan expires?
    Your GoFrugal product software has the ALR expiry date listed in the 'About' tab under the 'Help' menu.
  18. What are the services / issues not covered under ALR?
    Annual License Renewal will not include telephone and remote support. Please read through the ALR terms & conditions to know more
  19. The other software vendors are not asking any AMC charges for their service. Why do you ask for?
    Providing services involve costs for every company. So, if someone is serious about providing service, they must charge for it. While software license can be given FREE, services cannot be given free at all. As you know, GoFrugal has invested on the 24x7 Assure Care and a world-class CRM tool to effectively manage customer support. GoFrugal has also invested on providing self-help materials via Videos, guidelines, Kbase, Help documents & trained our staff. To avail continued and assured services, you need to pay for the plan required to run your business. Well established business software companies like SAP, Sage, Intuit charge 22% ALR
  20. The software is working well even without any support. Should I still pay for ALR?
    You will be experiencing improved quality with GoFrugal solutions and also with the Assure Care services. In order to have predictable service and sustainable business where GoFrugal can guarantee high quality product updates and assured services, on-time Annual License Renewal is mandatory to renew software license validity and extend it for year.
  21. I have 1 server and 3 additional licenses but now I am using 1 server and 1 client only. How I will be charged for ALR?
    Based on the purchased license by the customers, we are charging for ALR. If client ALR is not paid, you have to pay for the client ALR when you are in the need of using the extra client.
  22. I have installed your product in the year 2009 and I've been using your product for the past 2 months only. Then, why should I pay for ALR?
    If you did not pay the ALR amount within the expiry date, our new support policy is applicable which means that you have to pay the ALR charges from day one.
  23. I have 5 more outlets and should I pay for those outlets also? If so, Can I have discounts?
    If you need our support with respect to outlet, we have to solve the issues in separate outlet and not in the same place. And we can't give discounts.
  24. Can I pay ALR for RE4 / RE5 / RE6 / RPOS6.3 products?
    No. Based on the product life cycle plan, sales and support for RE4, RE5, RE6 and RPOS6.3 has ended, however you can choose to pay and buy GoFrugal RPOS7, RPOS6.5 respectively, which will include 1 year of ALR. Please find the ALR price details for our other products at Support Price List.