GoFrugal Assure, a 365 days 24x7 proactive software support service, is aimed at resolving customer issues in a timely and professional manner. This would enable customers to focus ONLY on the core aspects of their business. The team delivers break-fix maintenance and update services, with zero follow-ups from the customer.

Once customers file a complaint, they get an immediate complaint registration SMS with the following details:

  • Complaint ID
  • Assigned Person's name
  • Restoration time
Based on Severity of the issue, it will be redirected to product expert who will resolve it and the same will be communicated through another SMS with the following details:
  • Product expert name
  • Restoration time
Once the issue is resolved, customer will get an SMS with the following details:
  • Issue resolved
  • Restoration time - done
Finally, the customer will get an SMS requesting for the feedback on:
    1) Resolution given Yes / No
    2) Feedback about our Assigned support personnel:
        - Very Polite
        - Very Responsible
        - Very Patient
  1. 1. Based on the severity and priority of the customer issue, GoFrugal support team will decide the resolution time
  2. 2. Only valid ASA customer can avail Assure 24x7 Support

Restoration time (Remote support): If the issue can be resolved by Phone or VNC remote tool or TeamViewer remote tool, this is the maximum to restore the business (Temporarily)
Expected resolution time: Maximum resolution time

Get in Touch Anytime

Complaint Status

  • Customer ID
    Support ID
    Mobile No
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