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Cloud Revolution in Consumer Electronics Retail Business!

Is it really  revolutionizing  Consumer Electronics  retailing?

Yes! CLOUD computing made a radical, drastic, sudden, complete, marked, profound  and pervasive changes in the way consumer electronics retail business managed previously.

A look into GoFrugal’s consumer electronics/white goods customers, who adapted cloud technology very early, may help you to understand how this has created massive impact in this business.  I am taking up three different size( small, medium and large) of customers to justify my point here.

  • Achme Communication a small retail chain operating 4 stores within a state. Earlier used a  on-premise software in which they were not able to interconnect and manage inventory. They chose  GoFrugal’s cloud solution for centralized control and enjoying the fruits within a year with sterling rise in its operating profit by 40%.
  • Ample technologies & Unicorn are apple’s India distributors.  Both are medium size retail chains with national presence. Adaptation of cloud technology empowered them to manage their serialized inventory based logistics efficiently in real time across multiple outlets. Automation happened just fraction cost comparing to a costly ERP solution.
  • Panasonic a leading brand and a large chain with international network has chosen GoFrugal’s web based solution to automate their service centers and  to have centralized control over inventory.  The solutions capability to  integrate easily with their ERP  enabled them to track & supply inventory to hundreds of their store online  and in real time.

Even hundreds of smart retailers with single outlet adapted this web based & cost effective cloud solutions in the early stages and enjoying benefits.

The broken myth

The cloud technology also broken the myth that the technologically superior and advanced software solutions are affordable only to big retailers/companies. In fact, it paved the way for latest software technologies are affordable to almost everyone in the retail business.

Cloud – The democratizing force

Cloud computing is truly a democratizing force. Some of the advantages of opting for a cloud solution are
Electronics POS

  • Do not need to depend on proprietary operating systems/software/databases/browsers
  • No need for any costly ERP software or customized solutions
  • Avoids dependency on a specific hardware devices from particular company/brand
  • Eliminates their need to invest heavily in IT assets

So every retailer can aspire to achieve big in their respective business segment.

SaaS – for success & freedom

This SaaS(Software As A Service) model solutions are monthly subscription based one and enables retailers to access their business information  anywhere & anytime using a computer/laptop/tablet PC/smart phone with internet connection. The  retailer need not to get tied up to his place of business and he can successfully manage his business while on the move. So he can socialize by spending quality time with his family/friends/relatives. It also gives him the freedom to choose or change to any new vendor who offers better solutions and support at any period of time.

GoFrugal – The pioneer in Web based POS

GoFrugal is the pioneer in SaaS based complete retail business management software on  the cloud. Its web based solution built on open source technology branded as TruePOS


Features and Benefits

  • Access business information in real-time on 24/7 basis
  • Pay-as-you-use business model reduces IT investment
  • Need not to worry about data loss due to viruses,OS corruption and hardware failure
  • No need to spend efforts on data backup and re-installation of software
  • Easy tracking of inter-branch logistics using serialized inventory
  • Invoicing in showroom and delivery from warehouse


The GLOCAL solution for Consumer Electronics

The web-based TruePOS has many features to operate stores in a multiple location/country environment.

  • Supports multiple tax rates – Any no of tax percentages can be created based on the need
  • Multiple currency – Currency can be configured specific to the country by the administrator
  • Different timezone support – Companies which operates in a different time zone can configure accordingly
  • Multi-lingual support – It allows user to choose a language other than English which is most preferable to them

Data security

This is one of the most important concern of a retailer who has planned to adapt cloud computing for the first time to his business. This solution hosted in data centers with multilayer security. So, there is no need for any worry on data security, as it is like keeping your jewel or important documents in the bank locker.

Management can restrict the access of data by their employees based on the place of operation and role. This also offers features like audit trail and notifications of unusual activities.

Future ready

This revolutionary cloud solution gives electronics & appliances retailers the power to build their business  and compete in a globalized economy. The SaaS business model, helps retailers leverage on scalable, easy-to-use, world-class technology solutions to improve operational efficiency dramatically.

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