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Customer Delight – Breaking the Mould

Dear Truth seeker,

Can a company in all practicality delight its customers. As in ‘Customer Delight’. This had been, and still remains, the ultimate aim of many companies. We are no different.

However,  in the truest sense of the word, we have asked ourselves time and again about its ‘realizability’? Is it possible for any company to achieve this ultimate glory?

Nevertheless, we progressed as a company, placing an utmost faith on the realization of the belief.

We present to you, through this letter, one such instance of us experiencing it.

The Incident

During one of our customer training programs, we had the privilege of witnessing our customer (a bakery owner) championing our solution to other prospects, stressing specifically on the benefits he had received from our ASA module and the 24×7 support services.

It was then, after his convincing oration (it was not just an ordinary speech!), our moment to express genuine surprise when we were blessed with yet another new customer in our kitty.

Such a moment, we daresay, helped us realize the true meaning of ‘Customer Delight’.

That it is not in meeting our customers’ expectations we realize delight. Rather, it is only in empowering our customers to champion our causes that we truly realize customer delight.

Yours sincerely,

GoFrugal Team

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