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Go ahead, Take a scoop!

That Cloud is the next big thing is but an understatement. Thanks to its ever growing popularity, the cloud has already created a space for itself.

We at GoFrugal take this statement quite literally. That’s why we have come up with a separate ‘blog space’ for our cloud offering, the TruePOS.

This new blog would, in addition to dissipating information related to TruePOS, also function as a ‘knowledge engine’ – churning out nuggets of knowledge related to the latest trends in SaaS POS.

In saying so, we are hoping to make this blog a medium akin to a ‘hashtag based Twitter search for #CloudPOS #SaaSPOS. This, we believe, is a huge task – one that cannot be achieved without you.

So, let us join hands and celebrate this momentous arrival of a new blog and take this forward.

What more, we already have new articles at TruePOS waiting for you.

Go ahead, Take a scoop!