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How to assign & re-assign gift vouchers from HO to various outlets?

The last article of the Gift Voucher series shed light on how to create a gift voucher with our solution.

Continuing on, we shall look at ways to assign/reassign/resend the so created gift vouchers to different outlets from HO.

Assign – With our solution, you can not only assign a gift voucher but also a ‘range of vouchers’ to different outlets.

Assigning Gift vouchers

Assigning Gift vouchers


Select the gift voucher name, prefix, and serial number range, along with the outlet name(s) to assign it to different outlet.

b. Reassign – You only reassign those vouchers that are already assigned to some other outlet. This happens when one of your outlets become inactive or is closed.


Similar to how you assigned them in the first place. But this time, you also provide the old outlet name for reassigning the vouchers.

c. Resend – You can also resend the gift voucher to the outlet. This is required when the voucher assigned (to an outlet) does not reach its destination.


Just send it again 🙂

Gift voucher status

Gift voucher status

Frequently Asked Questions from Retailers

1. What happens if the assigned gift voucher is lost or blocked? Worse, if the voucher sold is damaged or cancelled?

HQ maintains the status of sold and unsold gift vouchers for reference.

2. Should I go back to HO every time to redeem a gift voucher?

No. You can do it at the outlet itself.

3. Can I use gift vouchers in promotional offers?

Yes, gift vouchers assigned can be issued as free/complementary at the outlet itself.

With GoFrugal’s HQ solution, you can comfortably sit at the head office and create, assign & reassign gift vouchers to different outlets with ease.