Is Head Quarter solution the best fit for multiple outlets?

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We have received many queries from our visitors on Gofrugal website. They are curious to know how the Head Quarter (HQ) solution works wonders in the chain stores. We interviewed Charles Francis, Vice President, GoFrugal Technologies in this regard. The excerpts of the interview is given below.

Q1. Do you think retailers are now ready to expand, given the ever increasing market opportunities?

Charles: Yes, Expansion is the only way for profitable business for any ambitious retailer.


Q2. What are the challenges they face during such expansion?

Charles: When the retailer or distributor has a couple of stores, the challenges are manageable. But when they expand further, the challenges do not add but multiply. Challenges include but not limited to Managing Data, Supplies, Non-moving Inventory, Pricing, Promotion, Security, Accounting, etc.


Q3. Wouldn’t these many challenges put the margins under pressure?

Charles: Of course, yes. In expansion mode, the retailer or distributor has control on very few things. Outlet rent, employee salary, supplier margin, cost of goods, power and maintenance cost… all these can only go up and up and may not come down. But the retailer cannot afford to increase the price of products. Their net margin is always under threat.


Q4. Can technology help them address these challenges?

Charles: In fact, only technology can help. A Centralized Business Management Solution is the only way.


Q5. Can you shed some light on HQ?

Charles: Head Quarter (HQ) is a cloud business solution which can be accessed from any part of the world. Whether the Retailer travels to New-york or Shanghai, Delhi or Dubai, on business, they can get access to the details of all the outlets in a single screen through any web browser.


Q6. Could you share with us the names of some of your customers who have successfully implemented the HQ solution?

Charles: More than 100+ customers are using HQ Business Automation Solution with outlets ranging from 3 to 300. Total oil, United Phosphorus, US Pizza, Pizza Corner, Bangs Chicken, The Egg Factory, Oven Magic, Nilons, Esbeda, Kalyani Covering, Kushals Fashion Jewelery, Tamanna Womens Pride, Shobika Readimade, Medibiz Pharma, Muthu Pharma, Sport XS are few names I can quote.


Q7. What are the key benefits a retailer or distributor will derive from implementing HQ solution?

Charles: Yes. They would benefit a lot specially as HQ would take care of:

  1. Master Data Management & Inventory control
  2. Centralized Pricing
  3. Offer Management
  4. Centralized Security Management
  5. Centralized Accounting
  6. Business Intelligence Reports

If you are an ambitious retailer or distributor, wanting to expand, HQ Business Management solution is the way to grow profitably.