How to protect POS software from POS malware/ransomware attacks?

History is replete with famous last words of those who didn’t see it coming. But if there is one phrase that beats them hollow is the one businessman utters when asked about the risk of losing his data due to ransomware attack retail: ‘It won’t happen to me’!

A phrase that has come back to haunt hundreds of businessmen and made their life living hell. If only they realized ‘ransomware attack retail can happen to anyone’ they could have protected their business, preserved their data and profited from POS ransomware protection!

Worse than rampaging corona, rising competition and ravaging chaos is the roaring threat of ransomware attack retail. Hackers attack a business and encrypting their files stealing their important data and threatening to publish it, if they are not paid a ransom. Apart from locking the business and blocking its operations, data leakage leads to a strained reputation, sullied image and staring legal complications. Also, data theft results in failed transactions, falling delivery times and fashions a feeling that the business is unsafe and unworthy. Customers shift to competition that’s more secure.

If you think it’s not for you, here are startling facts from the global ransomware attacks spike report to serve as a wake-up call and understand ransomware thrives in retail and on how a ransomware attack could affect retailers.

  • India ranks second in the world in incidents involving ransomware.
  • 85% of firms in Delhi, 83% in Bangalore, 81% in Mumbai, 79% in Chennai, 74% in Hyderabad lead the list and have paid the price literally!
  • There are more than 4,000 attacks daily; one every 11 second.
  • 1 in 3000 emails that pass-through filters contain malware.
  • On an average, it costs Rs. 8.02 crores to recover from a ransomware attack.

Even after recovery you should know how a ransomware attack could affect retailers! However, recovery takes years, if one recovers at all. Just 8% of businesses that paid a ransom got their entire data back. Whole systems need to be re-built and there is an average operational downtime of 19 days to get back on track. Do you think your customers wait till you put your house in order?

We don’t think so too!

It is critical for businesses, agnostic of size, to encrypt, to POS ransomware protection and backup their data regularly. Add to it, human errors, data deletion, power surges, hard disk failures, system crashes, improper shut down, software corruption and natural disasters, you can grasp the power of backing up data. In a secure and fool-proof manner. It is high time for you to realize ransomware attack thrives in retail and it could happen to you anyday.

Traditional backup methods don’t guarantee POS data protection. They are time-consuming and expensive as they involve added costs in the form of servers, hard drives, computers, etc. Also, one needs to hire an IT professional to manage. A Sophos survey found 86% of Indian firms believe cyberattacks are now too complex even for their IT team to handle and are searching on how to protect retail POS from ransomware

Imagine if data backup is made as simple and automatic as restoring your phone data from cloud. That too with just one click!

Stop imagining. Gofrugal has made it possible for retailers searching for how to protect retail POS from ransomware. With GoSecure, a cloud data backup service i.e., backup as a service.

GoSecure is a real-time backup that provides automatic data backup and recovery and protects businesses from data loss due to virus attacks, hardware failures, and natural calamities. GoSecure is as easy and safe as it is revolutionary to protect you from ransomware attack retail and enable POS ransomware protection.

  • No upfront investment, no special skill or expertise required to manage backup.
  • Set up once, it’s automated, and data backup happens in the background.
  • Data backup is periodic, incremental and real-time.
  • It’s secured, reliable and provides protection against malware and ransomware.
  • Business continuity is assured as restoration is fast and can be done with one click.

GoSecure has secured the data of hundreds of Gofrugal customers who sleep well having saved their data lock, stock, and barrel. A leading recipe pharma leader in Tirupur is one such lucky guy. One fine day, not so fine for him, he was hit by a ransomware attack. Thankfully, he had backed all his data with GoSecure and hence was able to recover all the data within 30 minutes. Importantly, with 0% data loss. He let a sigh of relief when he said, ‘If I didn’t have GoSecure I would have gone back by 15 years and would have required a lot of hard work and luck to get back to where I am today.’ Needless to say, he thanks GoSecure for securing him!

GoSecure not only protects you from loss from data thefts, it also helps you remain on the right side of the law. Be it GST or VAT, statutory law mandates generation and maintenance of electronic records and documents for at least three to seven 7 years.

GoSecure will be your data locker to backup and restore your important business information so you can remain statutory compliant.

Data is the backbone of any business. By securing it with GoSecure, your business remains secure, your data remains protected and your peace of mind is preserved. And with the importance of data, you will now be clear on how to protect retail POS from ransomware.