Inventory and Billing Management is now cake walk for Fruits and Vegetables Business

fruits and vegetable softwareThe Fruits and Vegetables business segment that sells fresh produce is no doubt profitable, but it also involves several challenges and risks which if overlooked can cause serious troubles to the business owner. Managing the perishables in an effective manner is an art by itself. So, in a business like this the Retail IT design in the form of  Vegetables shop SCM solution is very vital and cogent to make infallible decisions which only benefits the business and doesn’t not affect it.

Challenges for a Fruits and Vegetables business owner:

  • On time replenishment of perishable inventory.

  • Inability to effect the price changes immediately at the counter.

  • Wastage tracking to minimize loss.

  • Integration of weighing scale to the POS for faster billing.

  • Distinguishing stock by maintaining batches.

Fruits POS Solutions

come with incomparable and peerless features that can facilitate the smooth functioning of the business an confers a great sign of relief to the owner. The solution comes with inbuilt accounts in it which means all the transactions at the point of sale level directly gets
reflected in the accounts there by annihilating the need for implementing another solution solely for accounts.

The main features that contribute in throwing away the challenges can be seen below:

  • vegetables pos softwareThe re-order module in the system can assist in timely replenishment of goods that are perishable. With the help of this feature the inventory could be optimised in such a way that both the extreme scenarios of over stocking and running out of stock can totally be avoided. Inventory can be replenished at the right time, at the right quantity and most importantly at right level of investment.
  • Immediate effect of price changes can be brought at the billing counters by using the change selling feature where the owner can keep updating the prices as and when they change. Once the price change is informed the billing goes with the new selling price.

  • There are provisions in the system for the owner to make wastage entry and to add to it, there are also informative reports which can show the the status per unit that became waste. This can help the owner to spot the grey areas of his business and take steps to improve performance and decrease the waste.

  • The billing system becomes very fast with weighing scale and other accessories integrated with the POS. Once the items are placed in the weighing scale, the rates get calculated in a flash and the printed bill comes out the next second.

Customer satisfaction and experienced is an and invaluable intangible asset for us. GoFrugal’s sole aim is to add more value to customers’ experience resulting appreciated value of this asset and not amortize its value. Overcome your show stoppers and march ahead towards glory.