Cocktail Describes GOFRUGAL as a "GLOCAL" Apparel POS Solution

Cocktail Fashions Started their Retail Apparel Venture in the year 2000 and today it proudly owns 8 outlets across India. Cocktail is planning to add another 40+ more in near future, there by making their total retail network to 50 outlets. With college students between the age group of 18 – 24 as their prime target audience, they stock and shelf luring & attractive designs in all major categories of Men’s wear, and Women’s wear. Each outlet consists of about 600 SKU’s.
Cocktail implemented GOFRUGAL Apparel POS in the year 2007. Mr. Jai Ganesh, Proprietor of Cocktail Fashions considers GOFRUGAL as his “BEST FRIEND” as it constantly guided him all through his journey in business both at home and abroad. On a frequent basis, he travels to all major Indian cities and also to countries such as Bangladesh, Bangkok, china and Singapore on business trips. He voices his opinion and experience with GOFRUGAL as to how the textile management software helped him manage his business all alone.

Benefits enjoyed by Cocktail Fashions:

  • Added about 1,50,000 customers in the last year by effectively using RayMedi Alerts for sending SMS to customers on new arrivals, promotions and offers.
  • Brought down the working capital by 35%.
  • Pilferage at outlets were narrowed down to 0%
  • Business health summary, dashboards & snapshots gives the right picture of true health and progress of business.
  • Utmost confidence in managing the business by having 100% control over inventory.
  • Using “Matrix” concept simplified their process of raising PO and replenishment.
  • 24×7 response center gave unending support all the time.

Mr. Jai Ganesh had an untold fear in his mind that expanding his business would lead to lesser control over the inventory. He even came to a conclusion that it is impossible to have foolproof inventory control when business is expanding. But, after implementing GOFRUGAL solutions, IMPOSSIBLE was turned to I – M – POSSIBLE. Today, he is 100% confident in managing his retail business with complete visibility and control all alone by himself. He calls GOFRUGAL a “GLOCAL” company which offers solutions with global standards which perfectly suits even the local players also.

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