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The perception and view of supermarkets as rich world’s place to shop is only in the pages of “History” and not in the modern man’s pages of “Memory”. The scenario has changed dramatically with emergence of players who proved to this world that supermarkets also belongs to the great majority of the “not so rich” people in the planet. With the scorching heat of competition the owners really need to pull up their socks to if they intend to win the race of achieving success. This can be achieved only if owner equips himself well before the attack.

At this juncture, the Retail IT design becomes very crucial and critical which not only determines the success and failure but also can be the difference between the success and failure. The owner has to really concentrate on this to ensure he gets a clear visibility of each and every transaction at his store. There are several challenges which a supermarket owner faces and he can easily put them down with iron hand with GOFRUGAL to assist and support him.

The major challenges for a supermarket owner are:
Fast billing and integration with accessories to support multiple tender types. Visibility of non-moving stocks and adept replenishment of fast moving stocks. Building customer loyalty. Monitoring every transaction to annihilate malpractice. Clarity on the outstanding and payable.
The next generation supermarket pos software of GOFRUGAL can not only address these present problems at ease but, can also be your trusted companion to cater to your future needs and problems. Lets see how getting out of these problems becomes so

simple with GOFRUGAL.
  • The billing can go on in a flash through the integration of Barcode scanners and Weighing scale to the POS. Faster check outs that results in customer satisfaction and time saving is totally possible with GOFRUGAL Solutions. The salesman at the counter just scans the items and and prints the bill. The process is totally hassle free and effortless. The impact can be huge because when the customer knows that his time is not wasted he tends to come to the shop again and again.
  • There are various reports that gives you the list slowing moving items. This could be slow moving items manufacture wise and distributor wise. These can be taken for a time period. With these reports in hand the supplier can either return the same to the supplier or can come out with promotional schemes to remove them off from shelf faster. Utilizing the shelf space is very vital because with respect to supermarkets “SPACE IS MONEY”. Secondly, when it comes to the timely replenishment of faster selling products, our “Re-order” feature comes to the rescue. A re-order can be set by defining the minimum and maximum quantity along with re-order days. When the quantity reaches the minimum this re-order can be converted to PO and stock can be placed in the shelf on time.

Grocery software solution

  • 64 types of offers and promotional schemes coupled with loyalty programme can drastically increase the customer loyalty and foot falls. The owner has to choose the offers at the right time and implement it. These can be fixed in terms of Happy days, Happy hours, First “N” customers, “N”th bill and so on. Plenty of reports in the system can assist the owner with exact time to come out with the order.
  • Eliminating the malpractice is the toughest challenge for any supermarket owner. These malpractice can happen mainly at the counter levels. This could be cancelling a bill, editing a bill and so on. “Snap shot” feature in the system can throw this challenge out to trash. The owner can see the transactions in the counter in real time. This further enhanced by audit viewer reports that monitors every transaction at the counter. There are also session management, Till management, cash hand over which can give the summary of opening cash, sales and closing cash balance in denominations.
These are only basic highlights. The software apart from elevating these major challenges can confer a great peace of mind to the owner where he just needs to concentrate on the business growth and nothing else.
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