Quicker Delivery – The Success factor for Quick Service Restaurants

In his fast pace busy world when every individual is toiling day in and day out in their own walk of life, busy citizens need quick meal options. This is where the Quick Service Restaurants(QSR) or fast food restaurants make their presence felt. As the word Quick Service suggests, speed of service is one of the key considerations in this format. Another feature that distinguishes it from the traditional restaurants is the absence of crockery and cutlery where in the customer is expected to eat the food directly from the disposable plates it was served in.

For managing such business the owner not only needs an agile workforce but also needs a restaurant software that can meet his wide and varying requirements. This system that is put in place helps him in doing the things right and also doing the right things. This essentially means that when the restaurateur has overcome all the challenges of managing his business,he has all the cost reports in hand which will assist him to come out with better promotional and attractive offers that can really give a hard push to improve and flourish his business.

The challenges that a restaurateur running a QSR faces are:
Lack of speed in processing the orders and delivering service. Inaccuracy in tracking the ingredient utilization and the overall inventory. Difficulty in figuring out the right combinations for combo packs. Inability in managing the supplier payments and outstanding.

rowing from Strength to Strength:
GoFrugal Food and Beverage solutions can provide a strong platform where in the business can grow from strength to strength.

This is how the solutions help the owner to overcome the challenges. The Andriod based  Restaurant Mobile App
 which GoFrugal offers can totally eliminate the concern of quickly processing the order and delivering the same. The benefit of this mobile application is that the order can get printed in the respective kitchen straight away reducing the processing time resulting in speedy delivery.

The ingredient utilization can be tracked and managed efficiently by using our Recipe Management feature. The restaurateur has to map these ingredients in terms of their ratio required to prepare the product. This mapping which is done one time can enables the owner to know and track the usage of the inventory. There are also various food cost reports that assists the restaurateur in knowing the direction in which his business is moving.

The QSR are very well known for the different combinations of food with which they play around and offer it to the customers. These combinations are called as the Combo Pack. To provide the owner with some acumen to come out with innovative combinations, there is an inbuilt feature which helps the owner to come out with different combinations to attract more and more customers.

The inbuilt complete financial accounting in the system gives you exorbitant and informative reports which helps you to manage supplier and customer outstanding. Schedules can be made in the system fixing the date for making or receiving a payment. This is in turn will act as a reminder which can lend a helping hand in ensuring that the revenue or the expense accrues to the business at the right time.

These pain points can be waved off resulting in increased gain to the business. The owners sole job is just to review the business reports and come out with strategies that can lure more customers and earn higher customer loyalty.