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Transparency in evaluation, a key to success

Retail industry is growing at a rate of 15% and India is considered as the most attractive nation for investment into retail so retail growth in India will be good in 2015. Though starting a retail business takes a fair bit of effort, more effort is spent by the retailers in finding a good retail software to manage their business in a better way.

Are retailers able to find good software vendors and given enough space to try the software before buying?
When it comes to choosing the right software, retailers are still not having enough information online nor are provided free software trial for download that will aid them narrow down the best software and reach out the concerned vendors. Most vendors are not willing to share all needed info on website, that leaves retailers unaware of the software possibilities and capabilities and keeps them stranded from taking an informed decision

Why GOFRUGAL is unique?
We at GOFRUGAL respect retailers aspiration, dream and serve them in the best possible way by letting retailers know everything about the software even before they purchase it-

All the above is a key factor in making the right software buying decision. Choose the vendor who are confident enough in providing the trial version.

Time has changed, demand from your vendor now !!