RetailEasy On-Premise POS – Recap on the most anticipated 21 releases of FY 2021

2021 was significant for Retailers across geographies for many reasons. The entire market opened up after a long time, and it was time everything came back to its feet. Now, we hardly remember how bad it was in 2020. But the transition in 2021 did not happen quickly. It required a lot of effort from everyone. From us too!

To help businesses with cutting-edge and competitive POS technology in 2021, Gofrugal’s RetailEasy on-premise POS team introduced many new features, integrations, and support. Here’s a quick recap on RetailEasy on-Premise POS’s most anticipated 21 releases of FY 2021.

Top 21 Releases of RetailEasy On-Premise POS in FY 2021

1) Manage Matrix categories easily!

With this release, we have enabled Matrix support on our WhatsNow application. With WhatsNow, business owners can access information anywhere, any time. What if we take it one step further where you get complete business information on every matrix product? And that’s what we did.

Now, retailers and garment industries can easily track sales, purchases, and complete business information for products with matrix categories. You can track matrix items from the stock selection to the checkout from the device in your hand.

2) Added layer of security for Chain Businesses

Now, HQ retail chain businesses can experience GoSecure’s support for protection against Ransomware viruses.

Research reveals that Supply Chain Management businesses are 71% more prone to ransomware attacks. The reason is because of the complex interconnectedness of their IT systems. Especially for an HQ where you manage centralized information of all the outlets, real-time Backup as a service (BaaS) such as GoSecure is a must.

When you have more outlets, real-time data sync in essential. Moreover, real-time data backup is a dire need of the hour. In case of a ransomware attack or hardware failure, your entire data is lost. Even if you can restore your transactions, chances are that your business data may vanish completely. Not all outlets can halt operations owing to the malfunctioning of one outlet. On the contrary, if your warehouse is affected, your business continuity goes for a toss. It is impossible to make vital business decisions without data, especially purchases.

But with GoSecure shielding the chain business now, you don’t have to worry about data loss. There is real-time data backup and retrieving the lost data takes less than 60 minutes. Experience no hindrance to business continuity with GoSecure!

3) Easy payments with Ezetap

Gofrugal introduces RetailEasy on-premise POS integration with EzeTap, a streamlined payment device for accepting card payments. Ezetap is powered by HDFC bank and is becoming very popular with business owners just like how Digital payments are becoming everyone’s favourite.

It’s an all-in-one POS device to receive any payment such as cash, cheque, debit/credit cards, UPI/QR-based payments, wallets, and remote payments via SMS pay. A comprehensive ERP such as RetailEasy integrated with Ezetap’s one-stop payment solution providing a frictionless shopping experience to customers is a dream come true! If you are an Ezetap user, this one must’ve been a cakewalk for you.

4) Gofrugal is now part of A to Z

Amazon offers retailers a marketplace to sell A to Z products, and Gofrugal provides A to Z solutions for retail business challenges from Kirana to an enterprise. With this integration, we have become the first ERP vendor integrated directly with Amazon.

This integration helps you eliminate the need for manual data entry between business systems by allowing you to sync orders, inventory, shipping updates, product and pricing, customer info, and more. You can also enjoy accurate order processing. It offers the power for businesses to track the performance of a product and customer. You can also track channel-wise performance via amazon, direct sales, and even your own app. With Amazon and the right POS together, retailers can synchronize order information, organize customer data, and automatically update information on warehouse inventory.

Ultimately, it’s easy to grow your online channel, and make sure your orders are correct and processed quickly.

5) Easy e-Commerce with Unicommerce

Unicommerce provides e-commerce enablement software for multichannel selling, inventory management, warehouse management, and omnichannel solutions. Now e-Commerce platforms enabled via Unicommerce can integrate with RetailEasy on-premise POS.

With this integration, businesses supported through the Unicommerce platform can have complete visibility over their orders, pricing, inventory, customer information, and sales order information in RetailEasy. With the solutions of Unicommerce integrated with RetailEasy, your eCommerce businesses can increase labour productivity, improve warehouse space utilization, allow inventory visibility and accuracy and enhance on-time shipments.

6) Be informed of minimum stock alerts

We’ve introduced a shorthand report in the sales bill screen for RetailEasy. If a product is about to reach minimum stock after a sale, a minimum stock alert pops up on the billing screen. So, the cashier or employee at the billing counter can inform the supervisor immediately about reordering.

Also, your employees at the billing counter can verify the stock report easily and purchase stock based on the report at the earliest opportunity. Basically, we have eased the decision-making process for your purchase. And, you will not lose customers due to uninformed out-of-stocks!

7) Enjoy the freedom to offer maximum discount to loyal customers

This release gives you the freedom to offer a maximum discount to loyal customers without hurting your profit margin. Is that even possible? We’ve made it possible. RetailEasy on-premise POS includes a significant master, ‘Profit margin-based slab-wise discount.’

Based on the profit margin received for different products, you can configure the discount percentage for that range. Create customer categories and map your profit margin to respective categories. If you have forgotten to add a customer, don’t worry. We offer a function key on the sales bill screen to offer the same discount on the spot. Now, you can enjoy end-to-end margin protection and provide good discounts to your loyal customers. Pharmacists and grocery business owners, thank us later!

8) Saudi Arabia’s e-Invoicing laws require it – we did it!

It’s Najah for Saudi Arabian retailers! Saudi Arabia’s new statutory law requires e-invoices to have QR scan codes for every transaction receipt. The QR code should include specific information about that transaction in the encrypted format. Gofrugal has implemented this requirement in its RetailEasy on-premise POS. Our Saudi Arabian retailers need not worry about paying the penalty or losing their license. As the next step of the enhancement, Gofrugal will also automate generating e-invoices and uploading them directly to the government’s portal.

9) Price level based offer management

During long billing hours, everyone gets a little crazy, especially during special occasions. But have you ended up in a situation where you regretted the offers you gave to customers? Did those offers bite your profit margin? We can feel you vigorously nodding. Calm down. Happy news! Now, enjoy price level-based offer management with RetailEasy on-premise POS.

Our POS restricts offers if the price level is applied on the billing screen. This avoids on-spot discounts during billing and ensures you don’t empty your pockets with more offers.

10) Secure business logins with multi-factor authentication

What if we say you can add an extra layer of security with just your mobile phone? Gofrugal introduces the ‘SmartAuth’ login, a multi-factor authentication login (MFA) ecosystem for RetailEasy POS users. Gofrugal becomes the World’s most secured POS/ERP solution for your business.

SmartAuth is a digital solution that offers an additional layer of security to RetailEasy POS users while logging in using OTP, fingerprint, or even QR code in case of being offline. With multi-factor authentication increases security with third parties and organizations. You can ensure that only the right person gets access to the relevant files. It’s an additional layer of security but without any extra cost or installation. All you need is a mobile phone and your ‘myGofrugal’ app to enable it.

11) Multi-location support for OrderEasy

Managing stocks exclusively for your online stores eliminates the risk of stock shortage between your offline and online customers. You can ship to your online customers via the stock in your warehouse without having to go to your sales location, saving you time and increasing delivery speed.

With this release, your online and offline customers can be satisfied by maintaining adequate and efficient inventory management. Imagine if 10 biscuits are available in your store and a customer who ordered all 10 online, and at the precise moment, another customer picks the 10 from the shelf. It’s moments like these that can be avoided resulting in fewer conflicts and tension.

12) A Multi-lingual Support for smart reports

Now, change your language option to ‘Multi-Language support’ and enjoy RetailEasy smart reports in your regional language. There is no need to access information only using ‘English’ as a default language. You can get all your product/customer names displayed in your regional language. Generate and print reports in the same language. If users encounter a language barrier, they take more time to work on a task. Conversely, if they can readily get the information they need in a language they clearly understand, the turnaround time decreases, and productivity increases. It also helps businesses expand the hiring pool by not restricting it to knowing English.

13) Integrated loyalty program with BlueOcktopus

Gofrugal’s RetailEasy on-premise POS integrates with BlueOcktopus. This Pune-based loyalty management platform is used by retailers across various categories to reward, engage and retain their customers. With this integration, retailers can access simplified data that help achieve business objectives of repeat purchases, higher spending, and an active transacting member base.

BlueOcktopus enables loyalty programs that develop customer engagement, marketing communication, loyalty, and reward management. With RetailEasy, you can offer a seamless shopping experience to customers and turn them into loyal customers. With BlueOcktopus loyalty programs, you can engage and retain those loyal customers. It is double damaka!

14) Support for serialized items in GRN App

GoSure’s GRN app helps streamline your purchase inwards with automated purchase order reconciliation and ensures that every entry is recorded correctly. Now, GRN users can experience Serialized item support in GRN App. Serialized items have a unique serial number. Now, while making a purchase inward, scanning the serialized item and uploading it to our POS is easy. We can track the serialized item throughout its product lifecycle, for example, warranty, service requirements, and expiry date.

GoSure GRN app users can also experience alphanumeric support. Now, business owners can use this for confidentiality purposes. Every number gets allotted an alphabet, and it will be the same across all reports and transactions. By doing this, you can hide the cost price from employees who are not supposed to be aware of it.

Also, parcel entries can be directly made using the GRN app. There is no need for manually entering the details into the POS anymore. With the GRN app, you can register the parcel entries. Mark every detail, including transportation, lorry number, and the weight of the parcel. This will help you identify a mismatch in goods between different packages.

15) GoBill Mobile Conversion for Pharmacy

Now, GoBill Mobile is ready for any pharmacy business. With this release, we have enabled Item-wise conversion for our pharmacy customers. With GoBill mobile, you can bill from any device in your hand, either android, IOS, or tablet.

Pharmacy Billing is one of the most crucial aspects of health care. The complex nature of pharmacy billing requires a comprehensive billing software that accommodates the nature of the health care industry and the items billed. It is also one of the areas where item-wise conversion happens very frequently. You can determine discounts, price level generic, and alternate to the prescribed dosage with item-wise conversion. So, with GoBill Mobile, you can have complete pharmacy billing support, including item-wise conversion, mobile billing, and tablet billing.

 16) Franchisee returns support for expired items  

The business relationship between a Franchisee and Franchisor is significant. One tiny error from the Franchise can affect the Franchisor’s brand reputation altogether, and a mistake from the Franchisor can impact a Franchise’s pockets heavily. This holds 100% true to purchase returns of expired items.

With this release, a Franchisee can raise purchase returns for expired items, and the same gets automatically reflected as sales return for the Franchisor. No one gets affected due to expiry items and hassles in the returns process. Since both Franchisee and Franchisor have these options enabled on their return screens, it is easier to complete the process and decide on the next steps.

17) TCS Integration with ManageEasy

One major hassle that a supplier and retailer face is TCS compliance. If it’s not streamlined, then it becomes difficult for the supplier as he pays the extra money from his pockets. But here’s the good news for Distributors and Retailers who use Gofrugal ERP. From this release, while making sales bill in GoFrugal ManageEasy, the TCS amount will be automatically reflected in the purchase screen of GoFrugal RetailEasy.

With this release, Retailers can avoid a manual entry of TCS every time; it will be completely automated. When TCS is not managed properly, there is more scope of cash locked between the supplier and buyer, leading to unwanted strain on the business. The supplier ends up paying the penalty, or you need more reconciliation tasks to sort out the discrepancy. Worse, you end up losing the trust of your suppliers. With this integration, you can avoid all of these challenges.

18) All POS print profiles available for GoBill Mobile

Our Mobile billing application GoBill Mobile also supports bill printing templates available in our Gofrugal POS. You can use any print profile template from POS through GoBill Mobile with printer size matching the POS and when connected via USB or Bluetooth.

Your billing counter doesn’t occupy your store’s space anymore. Especially when you need express checkouts, billing via a mobile application such as GoBill Mobile is more straightforward. With your brand logo on the bill, it is easier to create a brand identity for your store. When you have more print profile templates for billing, you can select the template based on your requirement and help your customers with a fast checkout.

19) Support for Wovvtech Mall manager

Retailers hosting shops in malls have to pay a specific cut to mall managers based on their overall sales. When there is a discrepancy in the data, the mall manager either charges more or creates unwanted tension between the retailer and the mall owner. This is where our release helps.
We support updated ADSR ‘Wovvtech’ mall manager integration. At the end of the day, the sales and revenue data from our RetailEasy gets automatically updated in the mall manager solution. So, no discrepancy, and there is clear visibility of daily sales.

20) Replenishment Support with GoSure

Now, you can ensure 100% product availability to your customers with GoSure StockRefill. When your stock reaches the pre-defined minimum quantity in the specified racks, your staff gets notified immediately, and they can quickly refill. Based on the sale happening in real-time, a task notification gets triggered for the stock refiller to fetch the products from godown to refill the racks. Now, you will never lose a sale due to stock out.

21) Head Office now merges categories

Head office solution (HO), whose outlets are powered by RetailEasy, can use the category merge option. The outlets will have different categories for a product, and the master management team can have a separate category for the same product. In such a situation, merging sales information, inventory reports, and other transaction reports can be a Herculean task.

But this release simplifies the whole process. The category merge option merges different categories of the same product into one category. It also integrates the necessary sales information, reports, and customer information under one category.

Wow! We have reached the end. It has been a fantastic year for us developing new features and enhancements that will benefit our customers. Now, it’s your time to use these features and turn the rest of 2022 into a wonderful year!