Telephonic Orders – An Amazing Ancillary to Online Food Ordering Apps

Phone ordering - An ancillary to online food ordering apps

Customers desire convenience while consuming a product or service, especially when it comes to one of their most basic needs – food. The comfort of eating food at a place where they feel cozy and snuggled down has led to the rise of online food ordering apps. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, the proclivity to order food from restaurants has increased exponentially.

Owing to this, online food ordering aggregators like Swiggy and Zomato are witnessing an exceptional growth in demand each passing day. This habit of ordering food online has also bolstered the concept of cloud kitchen, which is a fully equipped kitchen functioning solely for online food delivery services. Many restaurants today have allied with these food aggregators by offering delivery and food takeout services.

However, should you solely rely on online food ordering apps to increasethe number of orders?

Despite these online food delivery apps providing ample visibility for your restaurant business and generating a sizable number of orders, depending entirely upon them can prove to be a costly affair. Along with the commissions per order, the food preparation time is also set by the food aggregator. Aside from an increase in expenditure, you will have to expedite your cooking process to match the duration displayed on the app – which might result in hampering a delightful experience for your customers.

Telephonic orders – Self-reliance at your beck and call

A simple solution is to reduce your dependence on online food ordering apps, while simultaneously cutting down costs and increasing the number of daily orders processed – and we have devised it for you. Presenting to you Telephonic Orders, a phone ordering feature that allows you to process orders in a smooth and straightforward way.

Telephonic Orders is an add-on feature available on ServQuick, our cloud-based restaurant management system. This feature helps you process and manage food delivery and food takeout orders from your restaurant POS screen. Telephonic Orders is the ideal additional stream for managing orders for your restaurant business.

What type of restaurant should you own for utilizing this feature?

Telephonic Orders can be used by small restaurant businesses such as food joints, quick service restaurants (QSRs) and cloud kitchens, as well as large businesses having a common call centre – where the phone orders are received and redirected to other outlets based on customer location.

How does it work?

Let us assume you operate a chain of 15 ice cream shops at various locations across New Delhi. You have installed the telephonic orders feature and integrated it with your POS screen. To initiate the usage, first you have to identify and assign one particular outlet as “the call centre”- which will serve as the receptacle for phone ordering service.

One of your employees at the call centre will be prompted with a pop-up on the Sales screen, which will display two options: Delivery (for delivering the food) and Pickup (for food takeouts). Upon populating the fields displayed on the screen, the nearest outlet based on the customer’s location is assigned the order.

Once the details have been filled, the call centre in-charge will be redirected to the sales screen, where the menu items based on the customer’s order can be selected. Next, the sales order is created and passed on to the assigned outlet, which will receive both visual and sound alert notifications for the order.

Image showing how online food ordering is done through telephonic orders feature

Top 5 benefits of adopting Telephonic Orders

1. Room for one more?

The telephonic orders feature serves as an additional source of processing orders that is independent of online food delivery apps. Not only do you save aggregator commission costs, you also have an excellent potential to increase your profitability by processing more orders. In short – your business becomes self-reliant.

2. Allocation to Amateurs

Enjoy significant savings in staffing & training expenditure, as this feature can be operated by employees with the least skills and with minimal training requirements.

3. The CX files

Build your own customer database, entry by entry, by using this feature. Using this information, you can gain actionable insights and design exclusive tailored offers to improve your customer retention rate.

4. Time = Money Satisfaction

Set your own food preparation time, which plays to your advantage as you can guarantee customer satisfaction based on estimating nearly accurate preparation and delivery time.

5. POS, Telephonic Orders & Delivery App – The Tactical Trinity

Create a delightful customer experience by combining this feature with your own delivery app, where customers can track the status of their orders. You can also record their feedback to understand how to improve your business.

A restaurant business that is not completely reliant on online food ordering apps has the potential to gradually become highly profitable due to the proliferation in revenue and steep reduction in costs.

You can achieve this through the identification of other sources of processing online orders, and the Telephonic Orders feature is one of the best additional streams available. It is time for you to make the right call, and install the telephonic orders feature today!

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