SaaS makes a lot of sense. Why?

It is definitely a buzzword synonymous with words like the ‘cloud’, ‘web 2.0’, ‘cloud computing’ and so forth. How many of us really understand this terminology and its true meaning? The very purpose of SaaS (software as a service). At times, SaaS is juxtaposed as the cloud itself. The lines are blurred or maybe they are already.

Essence of SaaS

In simple and average person terms, traditionally business processes were conducted by the client and the vendor of a service/product. This was progressed by installed programs being run of a computer. With the introduction of SaaS, the same functions or processes are executed by a server and a web interface. The end-users interact through the gateway pages in a browser or customized web smart applications.

Makes sense?

SaaS Comic strips

It is easier to manage any business model. Instead of buying multiple licenses every time a new version is released. Change is constant and so we need to remember that updates will keep happening to any software if it is still maintained.

The ongoing process of adding new features, fixing bugs, improving user interface, speed, etc are a must to keep the software alive. Software vendors pass on the burden of these additional ongoing changes to the end users in the guise of new updates which come at a premium cost. On the other hand, when such improvements or changes have to be done on the SaaS platform, it is just takes a couple of minutes and rarely would cause any major outage of the system. Even in the worst case, you will be back in shape without losing any penny.

What about Mobile platforms?

Mobiles devices  are storming the scene and in due course resulting in overnight changes in technology. The number of people adopting the mobile culture is also on the rise. So, you end up with many mobile platforms and designs per se. Now catering to this versatile mass of mobile users is a big hurdle for standalone softwares.

With SaaS, the diversity of mobile platforms is no reason to lose hope even in the most devastating storms. SaaS as a solution is scalable to such obstacles and can justify the business model. The upcoming trends in technology are easy to start. The prerequisite being a smart mobile device with a decent browser is all that you need to keep working and being connected to your business.

Furthermore, SaaS is the mantra for trending with technology. The platform is affordable, anytime anywhere access and allows complete feasibility to your existing business model. You can for a change concentrate more on customer interaction and churning out more moolah.