The Uncertainty Around Cloud-Based POS

Today, retail is becoming familiar with cloud services. Some resist cloud-based POS services due to lack of knowledge. Here are some questions that will give you more insight into cloud services.

Why should retailers consider this new way of conducting business on the cloud?

Cloud based POS as a concept has peaked at the right time. It is a more reliable, efficient and  affordable way to conduct business. Today every big and small retailer is either building or buying such a solution. Maintaining the customer data on cloud has now become a trend.


In fact, retailers now are working on ways to introduce more sophisticated cloud features to their own business. Cloud POS is on its way to become ‘the’ norm. Retailers who understand this and move to the cloud will control the game. Rest of the lot believe it to be a tough decision to take- to take that leap to the cloud.

Looking forward, the industry is bound to shift towards cloud based solutions. What could be the (obvious) reason? The significant reduction in upfront capital investment. Software updates are usually included in this. Add to this, Retailers have started moving beyond the ‘sell and walk away’ solution model. No wonder, they are hooked onto the ‘pay-as-you-go’ model of SaaS.

Added Value

Web based POS software give retailers the ability to reach their business at anytime, anywhere and through any mobile device of their choice such as PCs, iPad, iPhone, Android phones, etc. This is again a blessing in disguise for aspiring entrepreneurs who intend to set up pop-up or seasonal stores and sidewalk sale registers.

The data is stored centrally and updated. For instance, if a sale happens in one store, it is instantly reflected across all the other stores accessing the system. It makes retail sales staff more confident as product information can be accessed with a tablet standing next to the customer.

This clearly implicates that instead of buying a traditional licensed software, retailers can get a whole solution that works continuously for them and also updates itself from time to time. They certainly need to make the best choice available and move quickly to grab the oppurtunity.