Bring in More Sales by Accurate Replenishment

In today’s supermarket business what is the major problem a retailer faces? Irrespective of the size of retailer / business, everything is around the word “STOCK”. The mantra for success to a supermarket retailer should be “STOCK ONLY WHAT IS SELLING”. The latent fact is simple, supermarket success is in its “BUYING” or “PURCHASE”. In this large market, selling the products which are already branded or pre-existing demands makes things easier.

Buying a new product or non moving products with great offers and stocking it in bulk is the biggest blunder the retailers face. How can you overcome this problem? Manual stock taking? Checking the daily sales? How can technology help you to overcome this challenge?

GoFrugal’s Supermarket POS solution addresses all your business challenges. The solution helps you to understand and check the non-moving stocks regularly on a daily basis.

Non moving stock summary

Overcome the loss out of unsold inventory and take your business to great heights. So, get hold of GoFrugal for now and forever.