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How SMS Alert helps to grow your business with GOFRUGAL POS ?

SMS alert

SMS has been a favorite among people at large. Customers read SMS more often than emails. This being the case, why should retailers not use it to maximize their business operations and improve their customer relations. Above all, SMS can provide optimum results.

GOFRUGAL was keen to tap into this opportunity and thus was born GOFRUGAL Alert – a SaaS based SMS alert service for the demanding retail environment.

GOFRUGAL SMS alert is now available as an ‘Add-on’ feature for its customers. This “pay as you go” service is just too easy to use. You would just need to sign-up and start using it. This can be used by both single store and chain store retailers.

Subscribe online…start messaging now!

Send bulk offer or discount SMS alert  to your customers starting for just Rs.99/-  a month. Get started.

Benefits of SMS Alert:

  • Reap your profits by sending promotional mails to customers on offers & new arrivals and improve chances of repeat purchases.
  • Watch Out! Low stock details fill your stoke based on the alert …
  • Manage multiple stores spread across different cities, as well as get periodic business updates from anywhere using GOFRUGAL Alert.
  • Notify suppliers with Purchase Order information, as well as Customers on receipt of Payments.
  • GOFRUGAL Alert completes your CRM.
  • Get status reports updated to the transaction billed a second ago
  • include your Brand Name along with the messages sent from GOFRUGAL SMS Alert module.
  • Create and send Job Card, as well as Appointment related information to new joinees.

SMS Alert Product Overview Video:

A Happy Customer’s Feedback – GOFRUGAL Alert:

Alert helps us keep in touch with customers at any time. We are able to send them SMS after every purchase made. I strongly feel Alert will become an integral part of GOFRUGAL solutions.    Mr. Rajesh – Mothers Medicals