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The demise of legacy and in-house developed software solutions even in Specialized Retail Trade

Gone are the days where Business Owners and Corporate honchos used to rely up on in house developing of IT applications and solutions. Reliance over possessed and cherished knowledge base, business model grip and process flow direction as they intend – The advent of Specialized solutions era


  • Day to day operational hiccups of managing complex large format outlets
  • Unique trade methods involved in wholesale and retail customer servicing
  • Aligning work flows and desk procedures with the demands
  • Lack of visibility over operating metrics and financial performance
  • Errors, omissions and incorrect information and data pointers causing faulty decisions
  • Weaker customer check-in to checkout processes- faulty billing systems
  • Longer transaction cycle time involving several manual and workforce interface
  • Frequent Stock outs and physical inventory mismatches and the resulting lost sales and customer attrition
  • Mapping physical stocking pattern in synch with the software application
  • Vendor base spread over numerous supply channels and the unique supply chain dynamics
  • Complex Order-Receiving activities consuming management time to micro manage activities
  • Non-availability of real time and reliable information to aid planning and operating decisions

The best case in point is a very well known and well established Two Wheeler Auto spare parts major in Indore bidding farewell, to the customized and in-house developed software application used for over 10 years. The business entered “standstill mode” as the Group was struck  due to fast changing business needs, limitations prevailing, inability to change the application and the increasing total cost of ownership.

Mr. Shyam Pamnani took the brave step of migrating to Off -the-shelves and proven solution for their Auto spare parts retail and trade operations in a super market model. With appropriate tools and co-ordinated efforts Shyam Group migrated to Specialized Software solution and boasts about the right decision which impacted positively their business and the employee morale boost he could achieve.

It is the peace of mind” which matters. The complexities addressed through rapid implementation and the continual engagement process is valued more than the actual realization of perceived benefits.

Speed and accuracy increased with completely automated and integrated modules

Easy to track SKUs with the Bar coding pattern implemented. Parts and accessories indenting to receiving cycle time reduction helped quicker customer handling

Integrated and structural transaction flow is in line with the business practices and process. This simplified the day to day operations with adequate control points

Online and up-to-date information required to plan and direct activities can be retrieved and used for proactive decision making

Employee morale and confidence level boosted and all the employees work on a coordinated basis as the activities mapped in the solution organically offered this benefit

Financial performance and Economic Value addition increased, through growth in Sales, Operating margins, reduction in costs, customer base expansion, implementation of best sourcing and warehousing practice and reduced transaction handling cost

Continual support through Assure 24*7 support, product updates, upgrades and proper training guides prevented downtime and system hangups

Client Quote

We were deeply concerned and worried, that the in-house software solution which we developed and implemented with the business processes and intricacies knowledge gained over several decades of experience, failed to meet our precision retail trade operations. We decided to implement a Specialized and Industry specific Business Management software. After detailed and through evaluation of many Retail software solutions available in the market, we finally chose GoFrugal to engage with us in our technology driven growth path

The association with GoFrugal Technologies has brought in several measurable value propositions, helped us achieve economic value addition, implement our business model and demonstrate our business case

Mr. Shyam Pamnani, Founder, Shyam Sangam Group, Indore.

What matters above all is the speed and pace at which precision retailing is gaining popularity. The need of the second is to enable operations and business processes with sector specific, direct fit, scalable and continuously evolving Retail Business Management solutions

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