Successful Women Who Teach Us Five Important Tenets

Success stories always instill a sense of hope, faith, and conviction in those who think dreams always remain unfulfilled. That’s the power of listening to success stories of ordinary people who decided not to be ordinary anymore. We have picked five motivational stories of our customers who chose to create their own identity in the business world.

Cauvery Peak’s Krithika proves age is just a number!

Yercaud’s Cauvery Peak is a beauty of its own. It is on every itinerary list of Yercaud’s visitors. As much as beautiful and refreshing Cauvery Peak looks to its visitors, it takes so much effort to run it without any hassles. When Krithika got married and decided to join hands with her partner in taking care of Cauvery Peak, she was determined to make it reach more people. She was part of the fifth generation management and knew the tenacity of the business. Not even 30 years old, but she was clear with the goal she set out to accomplish – creating an online presence for Cauvery Peak. With three outlets in Yercaud, Krithika manages every detail with perfection and caution. In the journey of creating a strong online presence and building a solid inventory that meets the customers’ expectations across the globe, she chose Gofrugal as her ERP solution, and we’re glad she chose us. Krithika stands as a personification of vibrant energy that leaps through every space and reaches everywhere. She transformed the game of women entering into family businesses and created her own space in the Cauvery Peak’s growth and success. Krithika urges, “Don’t restrain from change, especially technological change, instead leverage it to make it work for you to achieve what you set out for.”

Cauvery Peak's Krithika - Success story on Women's Day

Gopika Supermarket’s Sumi shows how to be master of two trades

When Sumi Ajith and her husband decided to start their own supermarket in Kerala, moving away from the family business, she knew it would take great effort to balance her home and business. But for Sumi, both business and home take equal priority. She took the strength of running her family to conduct business smoothly. Just like how everything ran efficiently and calmly at home, Sumi managed to organize her business. The result was Gopika’s supermarket expanding to six outlets. Being a homemaker is no easy task. Even after a tiring day, you have to be available for your family, keep the energy and vibe of the family running. Sumi managed to bridge this learning to her business too. She made sure she was available for her employees, and despite all the chaos at work, she kept the calm and positivity of the business thriving. Even when she lost all her data due to a cyberattack, Sumi knew precisely what to do. She reached out to the GoSecure team, and they retrieved the data in less than 60 minutes. Sumi reminds us of the tenet of being the same regardless of wherever we are and enriching everyone. She also adds, “That’s why a little help from society, home, and software goes a long way in managing a business.”

Gopika supermarket Sumi - Success story on Women's Day

Krishna Agate Exports’s Hetal Patel teaches how to turn your employees into family

When Hetal joined her husband’s business, everything was new to her. She had to learn everything from scratch. Krisha Agate Exports deals with precious stones and sculpted jewelry. There can be no mistakes. And her husband had already gathered a handful of employees who worked for a long time with him. It was not easy for her to gain her employees’ trust as their new management head. She showed her empathy to her employees and made her approach more accessible. Gradually with constant effort, every employee started looking at her as family, and Hetal managed to create a very healthy working atmosphere where employees felt appreciated. She had an excellent understanding of her employees’ skills, capabilities, and shortcomings. That reflected in her decisions and the software that she chose. When there is more chaos, employees tend to doubt your leadership. During one such chaotic situation between two outlets, Hetal decided to implement Gofrugal’s inventory management system and solved the problem before it blew up. Hearing how Hetal Patel penetrated deep into her employees’ emotions reminds us of the calmness and composure that everyone needs for success.

Krishna Agate Exports Hate Patel - Success story on Women's Day

Vogue Apparel’s Shweta shows us how to fulfill lost dreams

For Shweta, becoming a fashion designer meant everything. She knew fashion was in her blood. But she got married very early, at the age of 19, and had to give up on her dreams. But there was always a burning desire for her to fulfill it. In 2019, Shweta was hit with the biggest battle of her life, and she decided she did not want to end up with unfulfilled dreams. The pandemic lockdown had just started, and Shweta ventured into Vogue Apparels. It was not easy. She had to make her online presence powerful and take care of her health. Wherever she went, people asked her, ‘Is someone else with you?’ because they did not believe she was doing this all by herself. That’s when it hit her; there were limited women in the ready-made garment industry. That made her offer more opportunities for women in her business. Her health preceded her business at times, and she had to work from home. But Shweta did not worry. She searched for a WFH app solution, which led her to Gofruga’s WhatsNow. She kept complete control of her store even from home. Shweta’s burning desire to fulfill her dreams is the fitting personification of being fearless.

Vogue Apparels Shweta - Success story on Women's Day

Shubhanjali’s Priyanka shows us how to be true to your vision

Priyanka Gupta came from a family of business. She knew the stage was set right for her if she wanted to pursue it. But she had a different vision. Healing crystals and energy stones became her passion. She tried to make them available to everyone. But trading was a new area for her. Priyanka got to the basics. Did her research from scratch. She set up her entire business only based on her research. Starting Shubhanjali crystals is just a start for her. She aims to make her brand synonymous with the best brand for crystals. Priyanka handles more than 5000 product categories every day. Her products are directly related to customers’ sentiments and well-being. A small error in the creation and Shubhajali’s reputation can go topsy turvy. But that’s where Priyanka’s conviction and passion come into play. She chose the right support from the start, and Gofrugal’s ERP is one of them. When you establish everything right from the start, there is no need for course corrections and learnings from mistakes. Priyanka Gupta remains true to her passion for making everyone look up to Shubhanjali for crystals.

Shubanjali crystals Priyanka - Success story on Women's Day

Though all five stories had their own lessons to teach us, one common factor that helped them grow is taking a step towards achieving their dreams and getting the right support along the journey. If you are into business and want to take a step towards finding a suitable ERP or POS solution, talk to Gofrugal!

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