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Build your online business on the ONDC network with Gofrugal's seller app to enjoy the freedom of setting your margins and return policies. Expand your reach across multiple buyer apps, and get access to popular logistics providers to deliver orders on time. Sell your products on a wide range of buyer apps with a single seller app.


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Benefits of the ONDC network for businesses

The ONDC network, a pioneer in reshaping the ecommerce landscape, was introduced to address the hurdles faced by independent small businesses when competing with major ecommerce platforms.

ONDC protocol + Gofrugal's ERP = A winning formula for your ecommerce business.

Reach a larger ecommerce consumer base

Your store will be discoverable to the broadest consumer base possible in the ecommerce world with a lower cost of customer acquisition when compared to other methods.

Connect with your consumers directly

Engage directly with your consumers to improve the quality of your products and services based on their feedback, rather than focusing only on pricing, promotions, and marketing through your ecommerce platform.

Be your own decision maker

Decide your own servicing policies, commission and referral charges, and customer service mechanisms to offer what your customers want without any intervention.

Don't let the algorithms decide

Let consumers make their purchase decisions based on the quality of products and service offered as the data resides with the seller.

6 reasons why you need Gofrugal ERP to onboard to the ONDC network

open network for digital commerce

Achieve one-time seamless cataloging

Get your digital cataloging done perfectly for all channels, including online sales, and offline sales, and benefit from a comprehensive catalog across all channels.


Inventory and price management

Maintain a robust inventory with GoSure, an inventory management app serving all channels, and get channel-wise pricing and offers done easily.

ondc protocol

Omnichannel transformation

Receive orders from any channel, help consumers pay through any channel, and deliver products through any channel.


Integrated delivery and logistic partner

Deliver goods to your customers with GoDeliver, a delivery management app that ensures and executes faster deliveries with the best possible last-mile delivery.

open network for digital commerce

One-stop solution

Enjoy a complete one-stop solution that manages everything from sales, inventory, purchase, GST accounting, and omnichannel needs for your business.


Complete business management solutions

Get complete business management solutions to support your offline and online store, a win-win for both spaces.

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Gofrugal is one of the first ERPs to provide an ONDC protocol-compliant ERP!

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I did not have the financial resources to launch and promote my own app. Now, with the ONDC's initiative, I have an online presence. I also received a minimum of 5 to 10 orders daily in the initial stages itself.

- Mr. Shanthosh Kumar,
Owner, Home Stock Supermarket, Coimbatore

ondc protocol
ondc protocol

Mr. Piyush Goyal, Minister of Commerce & Industry, Consumer Affairs & Food & Public Distribution and Textiles, visited Home Stock Super Market in Coimbatore on June 24th, 2022 and experienced the ONDC's initiative personally.


ONDC network vs. ecommerce

ONDC networkecommerce
Reaching consumersFrom any buyer app they use.Specific to a particular app or platform.
Transparency in dataClear visibility of consumer data, transactions, and commission charges.No access or less visibility on customer and order transaction details.
PaymentsSellers can collect and settle payments based on their own policies.Ecommerce platforms collect the payment and decide the payout cycle.
Delivery managementSellers can choose the way they want to deliver products.Dependent on the ecommerce platform and their defined charges.
SupportThe ONDC network involves a regulatory body for online dispute resolution (ODR), and sellers take primary responsibility for customer service.The ecommerce platform has the final say in the support structure and how service requests are resolved.

How the ONDC network works

The ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce) network is intended to improve the compatibility of ecommerce platforms. Sellers on the ONDC network can sell their products on the network to buyers from a variety of buyer apps by registering with Gofrugal's seller app.

Technically, by registering with one seller app, you can sell your products on multiple buyer apps, enhancing your store's visibility. The ONDC network ensures that as long as a buyer is a member of the ONDC network, they can freely engage with a variety of platforms without restrictions or constraints and access sellers under each platform to discover and order products.



The above given process is as per Aug. 2023. This might get changed as the network evolves. Paytm is mentioned as a representation of a buyer app; there could be many such consumer apps in the coming days.

Overview of ONDC network

What is the ONDC?

ONDC is a nonprofit, Section 8 company which built a digital ecommerce network for buyers and sellers to connect with associated logistics and service partners. The Government of India initiated it to provide an unparalleled monetary frame, audience scale, and autonomy in the ecommerce sector.

What will the ONDC network do?

The ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce) network will enable buyers to engage with sellers of their choice seamlessly. Present ecommerce platforms are restrictive and favor products of the platform developers’ choice.

Is the ONDC a government company?

The ONDC is a private, nonprofit, Section 8 company established by the Government of India's Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) to develop open ecommerce.

How do I use the ONDC platform?

First, ONDC is not a platform; it is a network. You can start using the ONDC network by following these three simple steps:

  • Onboarded through a seller app compliant with ONDC protocol. Gofrugal is one of the first ERPs to offer an ONDC protocol-compliant seller app, and we can help you with this process.
  • Get started with omnichannel transformation with one-time cataloging.
  • Become an online seller visible on all buyer platforms and apps like Paytm, Pincode by Phonepe, and more.

Why is the ONDC network better than an ecommerce platform?

  • Sellers can reach an extensive consumer base.
  • Stores are discoverable to a wide customer base resulting in higher sales.
  • Buyers and sellers can engage irrespective of the ecommerce portal.
  • Reach does not depend on algorithms since data resides only with the seller.
  • The network offers an opportunity to compete with ecommerce platforms with minimum staff, training, and technology.
  • Low referral commission charges.
  • Low cost of customer acquisition.

What is the referral commission if I join the ONDC network?

When you join the ONDC network, the referral commission can vary depending on your role or involvement as a buyer app, seller app, logistics provider, reconciliation service provider, or any other participant within the network.

The specific referral commission rates are not fixed and can change based on the agreements and fee structures in place at the time of onboarding. It is advisable to review the commission structure, terms, and agreements carefully with the respective network participants when you onboard. In this way, you can make an informed decision about the referral commission that aligns with your specific role and requirements within the network.

Why should you use Gofrugal to onboard to the ONDC network?

As a technology partner and the front-runner in the field of ERP on the ONDC network, you can join us to get early-bird perks. Gofrugal’s role is to help onboard you to the ONDC network by digitizing your store, inventory, and operations in a frugal way! Gofrugal helps your business go online with,

  • One-time cataloging: Create a digital catalog once and use it on all buyer apps your going to be available on.
  • Omnichannel transformation: Be a part of an incredible omnichannel transformation across all possible platforms and enable your business to be omnichannel ready!
  • Payment and delivery: Enable customers to shop from your store on any channel and pay you from any channel. You can deliver through any channel.
  • Offline and online sales: Get complete business management solutions to support your offline and online store.
  • Minimal staff expertise: Grow your business with minimal staff, little training, and almost no technical expertise.

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