A complete guide to Omni-Channel Retailing

Integrate offline and online businesses to deliver a seamless customer experience. Drive higher customer engagement, Improved availability and Faster ROI

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What is Omnichannel Retailing?

Omnichannel retailing is a business model that facilitates shopping across all available and preferred channels with a unique and integrated experience. Ordering, payments, deliveries, returns, and replacements can be executed seamlessly, with customers enjoying the purchase journey from all touch points they transact with.

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What is omnichannel retailing

4 Reasons
Why Omnichannel Retailing is the Best Business Model

With shopping becoming not just an activity but an experience omnichannel retailing solutions are no more a choice but a necessity

Increased turnover and profits

Drive more traffic and generate more sales by making all preferred channels of your potential customers shoppable, and propel profits

Pleasurable customer experience

Give a frictionless shopping journey to your customers with easy returns and replacement policies across all channels of your brand presence

Enhance customer loyalty

Provide a unified brand experience across all channels and bespoken retention strategies to achieve customer longevity

No stock-out situations

With precise and accurate visibility of inventory, we can provide all-time stock availability, improve customer satisfaction, and serve them better

Multi-channel vs Omni-channel

A distinctive multi-channel approach or the collective omni-channel experience? Look for the differences and choose the best suited one for your business

FocusBrand centric
Diverse brand experience across every channel Focus
Customer centric
Unified brand experience across all channels
ExperienceSiloed channels with poor customer experience ExperienceIntegrated channels for a stupendous customer delight
PromotionsNo personalized campaigns due to lack of insightful purchase data PromotionsCustomized campaigns based on customers' buying patterns
GoalCustomer engagement GoalCustomer experience
Insights and forecastingIndependent channel performance with difficulty to forecast right Insights and forecastingConsolidated visibility of business performance for precise forecasting

Popular, Productive and Proactive Omnichannel Retailing Strategies


Promote in-store pickup to engage customers and shop more


Trigger recommendations based on prior purchase details for customers to order more

BOPIS- Buy Online and Pick-up In-store

No shipping charges or errors during deliveries, and no waiting time for deliveries

BOPAK- Buy online and pick-up at curb side

Pre-scheduled pickup time and preferred location of order collection based on the customer's preference

BIMBO- Browse in-store, and mobile and buy online

Customers will browse the products and experience them physically in-store, bringing down returns to a greater extent

Why need an ERP for Omnichannel Retail management?

Seamless customer experience

Engage customers effectively both in-store and online. Make item search processes easier and returns and replacements policies reliable.

Seamless customer experience

Best inventory management

Maintain stock availability amidst abandoned carts, damages during deliveries, and returns and replacements with centralized inventory management.

Best Inventory management

Delightful delivery system

Expand business across multiple locations with reduced logistics time, revenue spent ondeliveries, and minimal staff.

Delightful Delivery system

Multiple payment modes

Achieve faster checkout with safe and secured payment modes and accomplish re-crediting amount for returns on time.

Multiple payment modes

Strategic customer acquisition

Acquire and retain customers with tailor-made CRM and loyalty management solutions, and enhance brand affinity.

Strategic Customer Acquisition

Real time insights

Procure the right items at the right time and optimize the available stock to align with demand through consolidated visibility of business data.

Real time insights
Seamless customer experience
Best Inventory management
Delightful delivery system
Multiple payment modes
Strategic Customer Acquisition
Real time insights

How to get your retail business Omnichannel ready with Gofrugal ERP?

A complete omnichannel suite to manage inventory, purchases, orders, deliveries, online payments, and customer retention strategies.

E-commerce Integrations

Orders placed through any channel will be converted into sales invoices and sent to the nearest branch. Execute and perform deliveries from the same branch and minimize logistics costs

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E-commerce integrations

OrderEasy and GoDeliver

Build your own branded app or PWA, and make your customers order online. Integrate home deliveries with live tracking and give a delightful last mile experience to your customers

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OrderEasy MobileAppGoDeliver MobileApp

Open Network for Digital Commerce

Let your customers shop from the buyer apps that they are conversant with. Get one-time cataloging done by Gofrugal. Perform deliveries autonomously or through third-party logistics


GoSure, The Inventory management solution

Your staff can pick up omnichannel orders and process them with agile stock updates. Perform hassle-free stock audits, re-fill stock precisely, and eliminate stockouts totally


The Eye, AI and ML re-ordering solution

Optimize the inventory, reduce stock-outs, and improve cash flow with demand forecast and purchase planning through autonomous purchase reordering solution

The Eye The Eye

AccountsEasy, Payment and Accounting Integrations

Payment gateway integrations for receiving payments online help achieve faster checkout. Error-free accounting and prompt GST filing are achieved with accounting integrations


The Exclusife, CRM and Loyalty Integrations

Run personalized campaigns based on the buying trends of your customers. Bring back lost customers, turn walk-ins into customers through specialized campaigns, and deepen brand affinity

Exclusife Exclusife

SMS and WhatsApp Integrations

Be in constant touch with customers by way of sharing updates, prevailing offers, and promotional campaigns through SMS, GoAlerts integrations and the recently launched WhatsApp(meta) integrations

Facts about Omnichannel

Facts about Gofrugal Omnichannel Integrations

Reduce 50% manpower involved in order management with e-commerce Integrations

Build your branded app and sell online in just 1 week's time with OrderEasy

Gofrugal is one of the 1st     ERPs to get integrated with ONDC protocol, a Government of India initiative

With GoSure ensure 100% stock availability across all channels 24x7

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Gofrugal Omnichannel ERP made easy for Retail business

Deliver a seamless customer experience with Gofrugal omnichannel ERP

Deliver & logistics

GoDeliver, Dunzo


Amazon, Swiggy, Zomato

Van sales, Sales rep



Protocol compliant

CRM, Marketing

Exclusife, Capillary, EasyRewardz

Integrated Accounting

GST, E-invoicing, audit, connected banking

Omnichannel ERP


GoAlerts, Whatsapp meta

Inventory & Price Control

GoAct, GoSure, The Eye

Own e-commerce

OrderEasy, Shopify

Digital payments

PineLabs, Innoviti, Razorpay

Walk-in sales

GoBill, GoKiosk, GoCheck

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