The best billing software with free GST billing capabilities for small businesses

Billing software is a simple invoice software that creates the invoices for products and offered services. Streamline your invoicing, inventory, purchase, and financial reporting effortlessly with Gofrugal's Billing software.

Employee using billing software for calculations instead of a calculator

What is billing software?

Billing software, often referred to as invoice software, simplifies the process of creating, printing, and sending invoices to customers for products and services provided by a business. Whether you need online billing software or offline billing software, it streamlines operations in the following ways:

  • Streamlined billing automates payment tracking, invoice creation, and loyalty point management.
  • Rapid checkouts save time with doubly faster checkouts using barcode scanning and easy returns.
  • Effortless GST compliance simplifies GST calculations, purchase and sales tracking, and e-invoice generation.
Employee achieving quick billing with online billing software for 2x faster checkouts and barcode scanning

How does billing software work?

  • Scan or search product details with pricing, offers, and discounts.
  • Automatically calculate GST or similar taxes based on defined tax slabs.
  • Capture customer details and accept payments via cash, card, or digital wallet.
  • Generate, print, and send invoices to customers with your logo and return policies.
  • Transform billing data into reports and visual charts for informed decision making.
Receipt with accurate calculations showcasing automated tax slab calculation in free billing software

Why choose Gofrugal's billing software for GST?

Experience easy and efficient business operations with Gofrugal's GST billing software. With an ability to run your business with minimal staff and skills, it ensures data accuracy, thus eliminating tedious billing processes. Enjoy swift checkout operations with our free GST billing software online, seamlessly integrating with all POS accessories. Turn data into actionable insights with real-time alerts from the WhatsNow app. Enjoy automated cloud data backup and GoSecure protection, and experience efficiency and peace of mind across operations with digital solutions.

GoBill, an express checkout mobile GST billing app

Endless aisle, for customers to shop virtually

GoKiosk, a self checkout POS

GoAlerts, for SMS and email communications

Digital Invoicing, to send bills to your customers mobile

Offer experiential shopping to your customers by empowering staff with Gofrugal's GST billing software. With the right tools, your staff can serve customers better

Why do small businesses need GST Billing software?

Small businesses need a GST billing software for streamlined invoicing, accurate tax calculations, and efficient GST compliance. A billing software online for small businesses provides high data security while also automating the tax split-up process. It offers an integrated and reliable bookkeeping solution so that businesses can enjoy enhanced security without any additional effort.

Download free GST billing software
GST billing software ensuring seamless GST calculations, keeping you updated with regulations

Who uses a Billing software?

GST billing software is an essential tool for businesses, whether single or multi-store chains. It provides fast, accurate, and smart billing to ensure statutory compliance and enhance customer experience. Online billing liberates stores from time-consuming offline processes, enabling real-time store management from anywhere without errors. Gone are the days when billing was a cumbersome pen-paper process. With free GST billing software, it has now become easy to remotely manage multiple stores without any hassles or errors.

Benefits of using a Billing software

Attract a larger customer base, deliver an exceptional shopping experience, and effectively expand your business. Don't miss to look out for these benefits in your free GST invoice software!

Billing software providing speedy checkout in just 3 clicks for customers

Deliver a speedy checkout to customers by generating a bill within 3 clicks

Bill software promoting sales with discounts, loyalty, and promotions for repeated footfalls

Sell more and get repeated footfalls by offering discounts, loyalty, and promotions while they shop

Free billing software capturing customer info for future marketing and promotions

Capture customer information during checkout and use it later for marketing and promotions

Billing software with GST for comprehensive sales transaction management

One place to manage all your sales transactions like billing, sales order, sales return, quotation, proforma, home delivery, and due bill

Free GST billing software for automated business management, cash tracking, and user access control

Manage business without supervision by accurately tracking the cash handover, bill tampering, petty cash management, and hierarchical user access control

Online billing software accepting payments in multiple modes: cash, cards, wallets, UPI, coupons, vouchers, and financing

Accept payment in all possible modes: cash, cards, wallets, UPI, coupons, vouchers, and financing

Key features of a
Billing management software

  • Begin the day with sessions for accurate cash hand over

  • Free GST Billing software that automates your billing operations

  • Free billing software for full sales cycle management

  • Get repeated footfalls with personalized promotions

  • Uninterrupted billing even with unsupervised counters

  • End the day right after the business hours

How to choose the best online billing software for GST billing

Optimize your business operations to achieve faster and more accurate checkouts with these features in your online billing software.

A mobile billing app, to bill on the go for instant and superfast checkouts

Facilitate payment with multiple payment options like cash, coupons, wallets, and cards to receive payments with ease

Design, generate and print price-based barcode labels

Boost sales by setting different prices for the same item and customized tax options

Support offline billing for uninterrupted sales even during emergency situations

Increase customer retention rate with offers and discounts to attract customers

Decide wisely and easily with reports on a stock position, purchase transactions, sales and accounts

Enhance customer experience with digital payments like PayTM, Razor pay

Smooth and superfast operations with support for all types of POS peripherals

billing software

How to download free GST Billing software from Gofrugal?

Download Gofrugal's GST Billing software free and enjoy flexibility with a high range of features. Start your 30-day trial with our free GST billing software now!

Instructions on downloading free GST Billing software from Gofrugal

How GST billing software helps businesses in India?

A GST online billing software ensures seamless bill generation, compliance with regulations, and reduces reliance on Chartered Accountants. It facilitates GST e-filing, E-invoicing, instant GSTR report generation, TDS/TCS management, and more, saving time and enhancing accuracy to boost sales. Automating the GST billing process through technology reduces costs, saves time, and enhances billing speed and accuracy, thereby boosting sales.

Get free GST Billing software
GST online billing software streamlines billing, compliance, and reporting, reducing reliance on Chartered Accountants and boosting sales

Before Gofrugal there was no consolidated platform to monitor the performance of my stores, and store management was a very big challenge as we handle different product categories together. Now we have complete control with Gofrugal Billing software, which helps us manage billing, inventory, accounts, purchase all in a single software that too from anywhere. Gofrugal is my reliable technological partner that helps me expand my business.

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