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50 Outlets by 2020 – GOFRUGAL will be an integral part of this journey!

Smiling baby caters a wide range of products to newborn children up to 6 years of age. They provide a place for expecting mothers and young parents to shop in a comfortable, affordable and friendly ambience. Recognized among the Top 50 Retail Professionals in India, Mr. Shriram Sanjeevi founded Smiling Baby in the month of August 2014 with a single outlet at Adyar, Chennai.

Today, they have a total of 6 outlets spread across Chennai & Coimbatore with over 2000 SKUs in both national and international brands. They have been using GOFRUGAL from when they started off with their first store. We got in touch with Mr. Shriram to let know why he chose GOFRUGAL and how we have been helping his business

  • What have been your biggest wins with GOFRUGAL?

As a business owner, I feel GOFRUGAL has empowered me with the tools that are needed to run my business efficiently.

With over 2000 SKUs to be managed across multiple locations across the state, I felt GOFRUGAL was the only provider who offered a seamless management system experience. The GOFRUGAL HQ lets me monitor and track my inventory stocks and their movement from Inventory to my Franchisee stores.

  • ¬†Tell us about your experiences with GOFRUGAL during GST implementation.

During the GST implementation, we had to handle our own challenges in terms of mapping the items with the new rates. It could have been more challenging and time-consuming, but GOFRUGAL’s 15+ years of expertise in the retail market made the transition easier for us.

  • How was your experience with GOFRUGAL’s mobile applications?

I have been using GOFRUGAL’s WhatsNow for quite some time AND I feel that it is one of their best offerings so far. With this app, I am now able to check store-wise, location-wise sales real-time. I am also able to view the brand-wise, item-wise stocks, items that need to be replenished to my inventory from each of my stores with WhatsNow.

  • A few words on how useful these WhatsNow reports are… And their support.

As an Entrepreneur managing a brand that is operating with so many outlets across the state, it saves me a lot of time having these reports on my phone. With WhatsNow POS report app, I am now able to access and analyze these numbers at my convenience.

Over the last 4 years, the support has been excellent especially during the GST implementation where we got immediate responses and assistance from their team.

  • Where do you see GOFRUGAL in your growth story?

By 2020 March, we would be around 50 outlets spread across the 32 districts of Tamilnadu. I feel that an integral part of our growth story would be the usage of GOFRUGAL whose complexity lets us handle that many numbers of stores with over 2000 SKUs. This is gonna go up to 10000 SKUs while we grow and I feel that we have collaborated with the right IT partner in GoFrugal.

  • Would you recommend GOFRUGAL to your friends?

We have always recommended GOFRUGAL to our friends and I personally feel that it is the best offering in the market to manage Retail Chain Businesses. Any Retail Chain Business owner looking for a holistic Business Mangement Solution, I would definitely point at GOFRUGAL multi store management software.

GOFRUGAL wishes more success to Mr. Shriram’s Smiling Baby to expand their Retail Chain Business across the state and also across the country.

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