Demystifying 'Cloud'

The term ‘Cloud’ has become synonymous with so many, often unrelated, jargon(s) that it has become almost impossible for a retailer to decide on migrating to a cloud.

Yes, there are some advantages claimed by every cloud point of sale provider – enhanced data security, ease of data access, AAA (Anytime Anywhere Access) and so on. But the fundamental question remains…

Migrating to cloud involves a seismic shift in thinking – that of transforming the business information structure of the entire value chain, for delivering better products and product experience to customers, in a faster way.

Investing in cloud POS doesn’t make sense if the retailer is looking for a ‘local-fix’ software – one that fills a certain gap in the business process. On the contrary, it is quite sensible for a retailer to begin his migration to cloud through a ‘local-fix’, say inventory management etc. The cloud starts paying rich dividends when the Information structure is fully established.

It is from this instant that retailers start pocketing three pennies for every penny they invest. Only then will the cloud reveal itself to the retailer.

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