Fashion world’s effective way of handling employees

Mr.Kumar started Fashion world in the year 2002 and expanded it to 6 stores now in and around Sivakasi. Very passionate about making customers & most importantly keeping his people/employees happy. Mr.Kumar is able to keep his attrition rate less than 10%

Fashion world
Fashion world

Along with his innovative thinking, Retail Software helped him “manage his own manpower” effectively, how?

  • PF and Medi claim to his employees helped them financially
  • Maintains good relationship with his employees and spends much time with them to understand their challenges
  • Special  training to employees on how to engage with customers, improve sales  and fire accident rescue process for the safety of customers
  • Gives regular incentive based on the sales target and product wise commission. This came possible for them with GOFRUGAL’s exclusive sales man commission feature that can be categorized into 5 different types. The incentive structure was a key factor for his less attrition rate
  • The easy usability of the software and “Practice User Login“ the exclusive feature by GOFRUGAL helped my Fashion world and employees try their hands on software without actually affecting the inventory, accounts and real time billing. This helped them learn the product in a shorter span of time