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Garments POS Software

People can shop for hours together, but are impatient to wait in billing queues for minutes!
Amora apparels launched its first store in Chennai, with a successful no-queue-billing counter, not only on the opening day rush,but ever since, and regardless of the number of products purchased by the customers. The Secret: Garments POS Software

Amora Apparel Store, founded by Abdul and Syed, deals with only unique garments in the market. But with a high initial investment and expensive materials,comes the insecurity of missing pieces, inventory   management  and shelf  stocking. Any stock mismatch can cause a loss of up to thousands, not to forget the piling of worries.

Abdul & Syed hired a team of market analysts to understand their business requirements and find them a fit Garments POS software. They witnessed a few demos after the team narrowed down to a few feasible solutions, but found only GoFrugal garments POS software an apt fit for them. The Assured services offering 24 x 7 support, was one of the major factors for the partners to sign up with GoFrugal’s Apparel POS Softwaer. The ease of chat with support team members helped them resolve issues which arose even during the wee hours of night.

Find  the best solution to make your business a success and treat them as  partners, not vendors. Trust us on this one – there is no better feeling  in running your business than knowing you can rely on your  vendors/partners. You will have things go wrong on a regular basis.  Reliable partners like GoFrugal can help you sleep a little easier at night.” a satisfied Mr Abdul says

Amora now easily gets updates on stock, as well as sales status everyday. GoFrugal’s unique labeling has helped them track every garment separately. The Result: they measure profits against EVERY item. Further, GoFrugal Alerts informs their customer about new products and other schemes.

Another of their concern was that of training their  salesmen (actually  they have 5 salesmen!). GoFrugal’s easy-to-use solution meant that the  training was completed within 20 hours (that’s for all the 5 salesmen  put together). Perhaps, the icing on the cake was the innovative feature called  ‘business flashcards‘. A flashcard provides a snapshot of all the stock,  sales & purchase details at a glance.

 Future Plans

Abdul & Syed are looking forward to opening another outlet and are excited about adopting GoFrugal’s centralized solution.

The Excitement continues…

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