Can your supermarket software beat this peak hour billing performance?


Every supermarket software will portray itself as the most robust & fastest billing one in the industry.. I am no different when it comes to GoFrugal Supermarket POS Software but, I am “DIFFERENT” in one aspect. I am not going to join everybody and say “Cheetah is the fastest mammal on earth”. But, I am going to say “Cheetah runs at 115 km/hr there by making it the fastest mammal on earth”. Hence, numbers count & not mere statements.

A supermarket owner is filled with joy when he sees large groups of customers flocking his store on 4th of the every month between 7 -8 pm in the night. I specifically took this date & time because in majority of supermarkets the former will be the “Peak Day” and the latter will be the “Peak hour”.

Even at this joyous instance, there is an untold worry in his mind. 

Guess what?

It is nothing but that of his billing software slowing down or stops working. Even if billing in a single counter stops for even 5 minutes, then there is a mess in the store. He is always worried about the possibility of this harrowing occurrence (5 Minutes). GoFrugal Supermarket software is built address both the told worries as well as the untold worries of supermarket owners. In short, the joyous instance remains joyous throughout.

To add spice to what I said earlier, visualize the feeling of supermarket owner when he sees such alarming figures in his dashboard at the end of the day. Non- stop billing combined with higher sales per counter.

Proven peak hour & day sales statistics enjoyed by GoFrugal customers even with 21 counters (12 billing counters & 9 counters for back office operations) all connected simultaneously in LAN.
a. Best peak hour statistics:

  • Scan 120 line items per minute.
  • 150 bills in 1 hour in a counter.
  • 4229 items in that one hour.
  • Highest sales of Rs 84000 in that 1 hour

b. Best “Day” counter sales statistics:

  • 500 bills in a counter.
  • Total of 9386 items billed in a counter.
  • Highest sales of Rs 2,00,000 in a counter

Results achieved out of the non-stop billing performance:

  • Higher hourly sales value
  • Increased revenue & return per counter.
  • Quick search & Quick save of bill.
  • Faster customer check out & more customers served during peak hours.
  • Offline billing eliminates the dependency on server & billing speed gets more accelerated.
  • Billing performance never suffers even if ‘n’ number of bills are kept on hold with ‘n’ number of items.