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GOFRUGAL Supermarket Point Of Sale (POS) – Sell 31 times of what you spend on employees

Food for thought on supermarket software:

1. What is your cost per staff vs sales per staff in your supermarket?

2. Are you able to train your staff faster and get the work done in an effective & efficient manner?

At the very first instance, you may wonder as to why these two questions are linked under point of sales. You may also feel the context may not be right as cost per staff does not share any relationship with a Supermarket/Grocery software. But, I would say the staff numbers & their cost is a healthy parameter when you want to measure your overall business health & its performance. A supermarket billing software will offer convenience in optimizing staff count.


Let me elucidate on this and also share a few thoughts on the analysis I had done with our customers & the benefits enjoyed by them through GOFRUGAL supermarket Solution.

In 2014, I am sure we all appreciate the fact that Retaining staff in retail is much challenging than retaining customers. Both “EMPLOYEE TURNOVER” on one hand “COST/EMPLOYEE” on the other are on an increasing trend every other day. If customers are considered as the heart of business, then staff are no doubt the anti-bodies or soldiers of business.

How can they be called soldiers?. Owners only take decisions and the employees execute it and bring it to action. That’s the reason I call them soldiers of business.

Supermarket grocery store pos management software

This is what the staff in a supermarket do:

  • Inwarding – Enter the purchase invoice.
  • Repacking – Repack the products from gunny bags.
  • Shelving – Bring the product to shelf.
  • Billing – Most importantly, bill the products to customers.

Here is the CRUX:

Apart from managing their performance, optimizing their numbers too has a direct impact on the overall revenue. To make it even more simpler,

  • If the staff count is high, then the sales/staff dips
  • If the staff count is less then inwarding, repacking, shelving, billing suffers & gradually the overall revenue dips.

An allusion to this context will be something like the impact of overstocking & under stocking on business. An user-friendly & robust Supermarket Point of sales solution (POS) is the only intelligent medium to optimize your staff count and earn higher sales/staff. GOFRUGAL Supermarket POS comes with an intuitive user interface that makes the job easier, faster & flawless.

In the words of our customer:

“I train a new billing person in less than 1 minute for a cash bill & it takes less than an hour for me to make him perfect in all the tender types ( Credit card & Sodexo). Higher employee efficiency starts from the day 1 itself. The user friendliness of the software offers provisions to minimize the data entry errors leading to greater accuracy. With this, I don’t need to employ people at different levels to monitor the activities & deviations”.

Mr. Venkat,

Srinidhi Supermarket, Trichy.

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