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Digital Transformation – One answer to one thousand business problems 

Mammoths, Hourglass, Telegraph, Orkut.

What do these things have in common? 

Yes, that is right. They no longer exist. To be precise, they are EXTINCT.

 In our defense, we could not have done anything about it anyway. However, will we be telling the same after we add penguins to that list?

The iceberg is melting and the penguins are in danger

The iceberg is melting and the penguins are in danger. The hapless penguins are constrained, confused and clueless. 

  • They do not have the time or the wherewithal to comprehend change.
  • They lack the skills and expertise to identify solutions.
  • They cannot afford world-class consultants or cutting-edge solutions.
  • They are bereft of experience and expertise to evaluate, implement and maintain solutions.
  • They are not agile enough to adapt to continuous changes in market, technology and regulations.

Wait a second. This does not seem like the cry of penguins, does it? 

Well, it does if we are talking about the BUSINESS PENGUINS

Businesses in India are perishing at an alarming pace for the all piteous reasons mentioned above. Come what may, they cannot revive themselves from this situation unless they are helped with. 

GOFRUGAL came up with a way for just that and here’s how.

G-Way or the Highway

December 10, 2019 saw the launch of GOFRUGAL’s ‘Easy Suite’ of products for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to help them adopt technology, transform digitally and succeed boundlessly.

GOFRUGAL launches Easy Suite of products
The new suite of products for Retail, Restaurant and Distribution businesses

Good things come in threes

And on that day, it certainly did for GOFRUGAL. 

The focus of the event was not only the launch of ‘Easy Suite’ of products but also the grand opening of our very own digital departmental store and cafeteria – DigiMart and DigiCafe. What’s unique about these digital hotspots is that their entire business operations are carried out digitally using technology in a way that it bids adieu to all the conventional and transactional business habits. 

GOFRUGAL wishes to show the way to save the struggling retail penguins!

GOFRUGAL understands that running a business is no longer just transactional but experiential; not just information-loaded but insight driven; not just about physical stores but about omni-channels. This trend shift can be incredibly hard for MSMEs to accept. What could go wrong if they do not make this transition? Well, the list could soon look like 

‘Mammoths, Hourglass, Telegraph, Orkut, Brick and mortar business…’

That is exactly why GOFRUGAL rolled out it’s new-gen suite of products that entirely aims at providing these business penguins a quick to implement, affordable, easy to use, intelligent and an integrated solution with zero compromise on adaptability, agility and security. 

GOFRUGAL DigiMart, our unmanned digital retail store houses some unique mobile apps that break down the tedious retail routine of stock counting, reporting, ordering and billing into simple processes that can be managed with minimal staff and least skills making it a pathfinder that will lead these penguins to a new habitat, a more favorable one for them to adapt, sustain and fly high. 

Mobile apps for express billing and delivery
Exclusive mobile apps for express billing and delivering

GOFRUGAL DigiCafe, our fully functional in-house digital restaurant is a place where manual operations have been replaced by state of the art technology. Right from order taking, KOT, kitchen display, mobile display, touch billing, reports to feedback, everything has been taken care of, digitally. This entire suite of restaurant products has been developed and launched keeping only one thing in mind, to help the resto-penguins manage and scale up their business without having to flap a wing.

Cloud POS for restaurant billing

What made this day exceptional was having our esteemed Chief Guest, Mr. Kumar Rajagopalan, the CEO of Retailers Association of India (RAI) and our journalist friends experience our new solutions first-hand and comment confidently on how these technological essentials are going to help entrepreneurs raise above the landslides.

The nuances of innovation GOFRUGAL has brought out with stock take, with the ability to do a self-checkout and with daily sales reports are quite innovative and very much relatable to any business owner. The adaptation of technology to make it relevant to the MSMEs is what GOFRUGAL is best at.

-Mr.Kumar Rajagopalan, CEO, Retailers Association of India (RAI)

From being greeted with our very own version of a daily newspaper called the GOFRUGAL Gazette, to signing the visitors log digitally on an iPad, to experiencing the fully automated DigiMart and DigiCafe, the entire day proved to be a big digital treat for our guests. 

We can confirm that the journalist guests were completely enthralled by the digital experience they had by just reading what they had to write about the event and the host, GOFRUGAL. These convincing headlines are a testament to our efforts in making the penguins adapt and fly.

The Hindu Business Line

GOFRUGAL launches range of digital transformation products for MSMEs.

The Economic Times

GOFRUGAL eyes Rs 500 crore revenue mark in five year.

Express Computer

GOFRUGAL all set to make ‘Collaborative Commerce’ a reality for MSME Retail Sector.

ETV Bharat

‘இப்போ எல்லாம் இயந்திர மயம் தான்’ – சில்லறை வர்த்தகத்தை வளர்க்கும் கோஃபிரூகல் நிறுவனம்!

VAR India

GOFRUGAL introduces ‘Easy suite’ of products for MSME retail sector.

The NFA Post

GOFRUGAL Unveils Products To Make ‘Collaborative Commerce’ Reality for MSME Retail Sector.

DT Next

GOFRUGAL takes MSME retailers on smart path.

Voice and Data

Does a software product bring significant advantage to the daily operations of a tier 3 Indian city retailer?


GOFRUGAL rolls out new set of digital adoption solutions for MSMEs.

Having answered the whys and hows of saving the business penguins through this event, GOFRUGAL has instilled a new hope into their lives and has given them the right tools to fight against extinction by not just showing the way but by going one step further and doing it right.

So buck up penguins! Why just walk away from extinction when we can soar high above the skies together?

Elevate your business with GOFRUGAL Easy Suite

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