• Sell Management

    Integrated Sales order process beginning from getting sales quotation, generating sales order, incorporating manager approval if required, dispatching delivery note, send it for billing, as well as validate sales return against original sales bill. In addition, export sales order/invoice as PDF or Excel.

    Easily locate an item based on different parameters such as product code, name, alias name, barcode etc. through the Product search interface.

  • Store Operations

    Supports various barcoding options such as EAN, standard, serialized, customer design etc. In addition, track stocks based on location, rack, shelf etc. to keep track of stock levels and identify damaged stock items.

    Fix price levels based on mark up/mark down, as well as for specific items. In addition, manage prices on a daily basis for non-MRP based items such as fruits, vegetables etc. to combat price fluctuations.

  • Purchase & Re-order

    Automation of entire purchase process - from raising Purchase Indent (PI), creating Purchase Order (PO), generating GIN/GIR, getting them approved from HO, as well as processing them on time. In addition, process statutory collateral such as C-form/F-form etc; along with PO Cancel. It also supports multi-currency transactions.

    You can also automate the reordering process by setting the min and max level for stocks items.

  • Offer & Promotions

    Create promotional offers for a specific period of time for a specific item or group of items, based on happy days/hours and first Nth customer, with appropriate validations. Provide special discounts based on bill value, as well as for a specific product/service. One can also configure offers for free product/service, different combo items etc.

  • Security

    Create user, role level privileges for accessing data. Our unique license model ensures that only registered devices can access the system. In addition, you can also deploy bio-metric security and configure user level authentication with their fingerprints.

  • Reports

    Visualize business performance by creating your own pivot reports, as well as saving these as templates for future references. The BI framework allows 'slice & dice' of data for easy viewing.

    Generate reports on sales made, purchase analysis status based on product, distributor, manufacturer, category etc., list of top N customers for month, customer status, stock status along with slow/fast/ moving & dead stock status, non-billed products, inventory transactions made etc. Other more famous reports include those on sales & purchase tax, price level, price drop, repack, reorder stock, stock ledger and so on.

    Users can customize report templates by defining and selecting fields as required.

  • Finance & Accounts

    Create Financial Reports for all accounting operations like Day Book,Cash Book,Sales Book etc. Set global/local scope for ledger depending on the need. They can also be merged centrally for consolidation purpose.