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Distribution business must be 100% Mobile enabled. Why?

Last updated on June 2nd, 2022 at 10:44 am

Distribution  business operates on thin margins for profits. The sales targets are  dependable on many factors that are beyond their control at times. So, a  marvelous juggling act as distributors try to balance escalating costs,  customer demands and ever-changing competitive markets. If we go a  century back, all the business was done manually which required lots of  time and staff to provide 90% service rate to the customers.

Today,  the distributors face a different scenario. Majority of them have  computerized but yet are not able to trend with the demanding times.  Mobile devices give them the much required mobility and latest  technology. Still they are hesitant  to use it or are completely ignorant of its huge and growing benefits  to their distribution business. Here, I would like to specially pinpoint  the need of Mobile apps in the business and how they can improve  productivity.

Recently,  I conducted a poll to gather information from 400 odd businesses about  their use of mobile apps in their day-to-day functioning of the  distribution business. The question was very simple and just asked if  they used mobile apps for their business. The results were quite shocking and a good  eye-opener. The image listed below clearly highlights the need for  mobile apps and at the same time awareness about its use in the trade.

Poll Results

Above  all, there are businesses which in a search of mobile app solutions and  understand its efficiency and urgency. They know that if they need to  survive the competition and continue with the juggling act then they  need a better and gen-next solution. Distribution business will have to be 100% Mobile enabled to stay ahead in the time and delight their customers in real-time.

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