Features and benefits of GOFRUGAL restaurant pos software

Here is the answer why GOFRUGAL restaurant pos software is the best solution for single & multiple restaurant management. It helps your business expansion also providing a better customer experience with useful features and benefits.

Restaurant POS Software
Restaurant POS Software

1) CRM programs important features are loyalty & promotions, gift coupons

2) Recipe & Production modules have recipe bank, production plan, food cost reports(FCR)

3) KOT Mobile Apps  & Billing features are helpful for multiple kitchen printing, kitchen order taking also can cancel the bill with the help of “Billed & Canceled” options.

4) Multiple reporting features including business flash card, ingredient utilization and wastage reports, business dashboard with graphical format, Top N Menu/Products, Top N Customers & Suppliers it helps to understand the business health.

5) Supporting business process 1) purchase order → goods inward note → purchase 2)  KOT to billing, quotation → sales order → delivery note → sales bill, call center order and delivery from outlet.

6) Trading solution, it supports outsourcing of cooking by restaurants

7) Restaurant pos supporting multiple company billing can manage bar & restaurant as a separate companies

8) Location/Floor and table wise price level – ( Like AC, Garden, Non AC etc)

9)Supported to self service –GOFRUGAL restaurant software supporting fast foods coupons and integrated with financial accounting – cash flow, fund flow and budgeting.

10) Bill settlement – can do the payment with cash, integrated credit/debit cards, coupon, gift voucher and coupons. also supporting dutch bill split.

11) Restaurant software having customization feature it support customer preference like modifiers, toppings, style, designs etc.

12) Order tracking helps to plan your production based on the orders to maintain proper and hassle free delivery with delivery management.

Benefits of restaurant pos software

  • 20% increase in sales with CRM automation
  • 15% savings on food cost : Reduce wastage by better perishable management
  • 100 % control on non-billing of KOTs & pilferage
  • 10% savings on man-power
  • 100% more satisfaction / goodwill resulting in more sales

A Restaurant POS Customer video
Mr. Rajashekaran Mathuram – Chief technology officer Atchyam Food Business, he shared our GOFRUGAL restaurant pos software experience


A customer feedback:

Asvin Simon, Director Bangs Chicken said “Software can be bought, support can not be but … GOFRUGAL gave both”

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