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EarnSmart – Customer Speak

When can we deem a product launch successful? More importantly, how can we measure this definition of success?

On one hand, any product launch that creates a ‘significant amount of excitement’ among the stakeholders concerned (the company releasing the product, its intended target audience), can be considered successful.

On the other hand, any product launch that, having created significant spike in curiosity among the concerned stakeholders, fails to satisfy the customers (in terms of providing a solution to their pain points), can only be considered as having ‘succeeded to fail’.

Driven by our belief in the second, and the more prudent, way of measuring success for our newest product offering, EarnSmart, an Android app for Distribution business, we chose to rely only upon our customers’ feedback to gauge its success.

True to our belief, one of our premium customers, Sivanantha Groups, shared with us their experience of using our product.

We take this opportunity to thank Sivanantha Groups for placing such belief in our products.

Would like to be a part of our success story, or, join hands for creating future stories…

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