First Webinar for HQ Solution and Updates

With customer base around the country, Co-operates managing 10 to 300+ outlets It is not possible to block calendar. So in order to connect audience in much closer way we started Webinar Sessions

With internet technology, we have the possibility to connect in real-time with people from all over the world, whenever we want.

We do believe Live in real time and at GOFRUGAL we expand customers knowledge by learning directly from experts.

So we concluded virtual event where our HQ customers got chance to interact directly and understand visibility of the product

Happy to announce we have succeeded in the first webinar on Topic “HQ Patch Update & Master Changes for GST” happened on 16th June 2017, 60 % of our HQ Chain customer attended and 94% found very useful. This session has the information on first steps to be done for GST in Masters from HQ. We have 100 + Questions from customer answered and some may have more questions, request you to share us in GST Chat helpline from my GOFRUGAL app.

We have shared these video of the session in the Youtube, request all to watch once to know the Changes and start working with masters. As all of you know that the masters play a major role & vital in GST transition and request you to start update immediately, Target to complete by 20th June 2016.

Earlier completion of the master update will help you verify the transaction changes which going to be released soon in phases and you can do practice with sample Transactions.
We are planning to have more webinars in coming days request you to follow the notification in HQ, in myGOFRUGAL App. Make your presence 100% will help more on the GST transition.