GST Ready with GOFRUGAL – Part 1. Setting up your masters

GST – That’s what the entire country is talking about for the past few days. There is so much confusion revolving around GST that most of the business owners resort to getting information from google, social media and sometimes false rumors.

As you all know, our success is our customer’s success. We have always gone above and beyond to come to the aid of our customers when they need us the most. And this GST transition period is no exception. We are determined to hand-hold our customers in any way we can so that they feel safe and ready when GST rolls out on July 1st.

GOFRUGAL is an authorized GST Suvidha Provider and we have been working closely with the GST Council for a smooth implementation without affecting businesses.


As the first step in GST transition, we have updated our masters (backend database) to be GST compatible. To bill invoices according to GST compliance, you also have to update your masters to make your POS GST Ready

We have compiled a step by step process for you get GST ready in time and to ensure our customers are not facing any difficulty during this transition period.

We have a 4 different playlists for RPOS7 (Retail), RPOS6.5 (Restaurant), DE6 (Distribution) and HQ (Chain).

Masters Updation – Video Tutorial – RPOS7

Masters Updation – Video Tutorial – RPOS6.5

Masters Updation – Video Tutorial – DE6

Masters Updation – Video Tutorial – HQ

If you have any queries related to the GST in your software, feel free to connect with us via myGOFRUGAL app. We are always available for you.